FM 2022 talks about the immersion and redesign of the "Deadline Day", the last day of the transfer window

    Any player of Football Manager will confirm it to you, the immersion is excellently well managed, since time passes extremely quickly on the best football simulation. However, this is not trivial, since the Sports Interactive teams have worked hard in recent years to bring this immersion close to perfection.

    In a recent video highlighting some of the new features of FM 2022, the developers have addressed this topic in particular. Although they allow themselves some freedom and flexibility in relation to reality, the objective is precisely not to break it, not to move away from it. This immersion must always predominate, and the process was very long to set up. For example, Miles Jacobson, studio director, says that certain elements of football could take the player out of his game, if only for a few seconds, which would break this immersion. As a result, these elements are not brought to the game. This way of thinking has obviously evolved since the beginning of the franchise.

    The other important point of the video is the redesign of Deadline Day, the last day of the transfer window, which is a very often exciting day for supporters, or stressful, depending on the club you support, and rumors go good train that day. Sports Interactive has therefore decided to review this very special day, which aims to offer an experience similar to reality, once again. Firstly, the interface has been revised, while in a second phase, players will have to deal with more dilemmas, in particular with the golden opportunities not to be missed, which will be put a little more forward..

    Further information will be provided in the coming weeks, pending the release of FM 2022, scheduled for November 9, on PC and Xbox. You should also know that it is already pre-orderable. Otherwise, our partner Instant Gaming already offers it to you with a reduction, for the sum of €16,99 instead of €54,99, i.e. 69% reduction.
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