How to earn a lot of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons How to earn a lot of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Bells, the currency of Animal Crossing, can be obtained in many different ways! Find out how to earn easily.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the new opus of Animal Crossing on Switch, is finally out! If you have started playing it, you have certainly noticed that the in-game currency is Bells, and that there are several ways to obtain them. We give you different tips to get rich faster!

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Earn Bells by selling natural resources on the island

The fruits

Picking fruits is a very simple way to get Bells by selling to Méli et Mélo, since it grows everywhere on your island. However, only one type of fruit is on your island at the start, and you will have to manage to get another one: by going to mystery islands, or by trading them with your friends who have different fruits. The basic fruits will earn you less Bells than the others!

  • Base Fruit: 400 Bells
  • Fruit reported: 500 Bells


Some weeds grow all over your island on a regular basis, and if you collect them, you can then sell them. Méli and Mélo will buy them back from you for 10 Bells, but if you sell them to Racine, he will take them for 20!


Fossils are a significant source of Bells, since each fossil is generally sold quite expensive! It appears 4 per day on your island, so don't forget to dig them up daily, then have them appraised by Thibou then sell them.

  • List and price of all fossils

The shells

Every day you will find several seashells along the beaches of your island. Collect them then go sell them, you might be surprised at their value!

Fish & insects

Fish and insects are among the items that will earn you the most Bells in Animal Crossing. By selling them, you will very often make a lot of money! We recommend that you sell your insects to Djason, who will buy them from you at a higher price than Méli and Mélo. Same for fish, but this time it's Pollux that you will have to sell them !

Yellow light and bell trees

Once a day, while walking around, you may come across a yellow light coming out of the ground ! As with fossils, approach this light and dig here using the shovel. You will then dig up a bag of 1000 Bells ! This light being present every day in different places, take a good walk to find it every time.

Before filling the hole, plant a bag of bells to grow a tree! We explain everything about it in our article dedicated to bell trees.

The rocks at Bells

This trick has existed since the first games, and is still valid in this one! In hitting the rocks using a shovel or an ax, you can ring out the bells of one of them. Hit several times in a row to get bigger and bigger sums each time. One rock per day only will give you Bells, don't hesitate to hit them all to find the right one! In total, you could win up to 16 Bells.

small tip : make three holes behind you before hitting the rock, to avoid falling back and to be able to hit it 8 times!


Every Sunday morning, Porcelette comes to your island to sell turnips. You then have a week to resell them at a higher price at Méli et Mélo. The redemption price changes twice a day, so don't forget to ask them!

Convert Miles to Bells

Another solution if you really want to have more Bells is to redeem your Nook Miles! These loyalty points can be redeemed at the Nook Stop for a ticket to Bells. For 500 Miles, you will get 3 Bells.

shake the trees

En shaking trees, you can drop Bells from these! To shake a tree, approach it, and press A. This technique works on several trees per day. However, be careful not to fall on a wasp's nest!

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