Will the PS4 soon be obsolete?

Will the PS4 soon be obsolete?

Does the PS4 Still Have a Future With the Release of the PlayStation 5?

Released almost a year ago, Sony's PlayStation 5 is an incredible evolution compared to the PlayStation 4. Although it's not the world's fastest game console, by a bit, it's in every way superior to its big sister with its new design, higher resolution support and faster storage (thanks to the SSD). In the face of all this, is the PS4 still worth anything?

PS4 vs PS5: How can they be compared?

A quick look at the specs of the PS5 reveals that it's not in the same league as the PS4 (or even the PS4 Pro). Sony has clearly hit hard with its new console by adding improved storage, support for larger capacity optical discs as well as higher resolution supports. Throughout this comparison process, we will detail most of these specs. However, it is important to consider the context of these characteristics. The PS5 is a much newer console based on a different architecture. Therefore, some of its specifications and those of the PS4 cannot be directly compared.

The Price

Given the huge improvements in technical features as well as the SSD, it makes sense that the PS5 would cost more than its bigger sibling (PS4). The standard version is priced at €499 and the digital one at €399. Considering the speed of the PS5 and the fact that you can play the majority of PS4 games on it, the value of the PS5 is unquestionable. Another interesting fact that needs to be brought up is that the price of the PS4 is not that much lower than one would have thought the price of the PS5. Currently, the price of a 4TB PS1 Slim is around €300 and a 4TB PS1 Pro is €400. At this price, you might as well say buy the PS5, because it has superior characteristics to the PS4 and produces better performance.

It is still surprising to see such a small price difference between the two consoles, but let's not forget that there are a lot of people who will make the generational leap. In other words, we are currently in the best period to find used PS4s at incredibly low prices. There are even various raffles and lotteries organized to win this kind of console lately. Even on a casino with no deposit bonus you could find some. Let's not even talk about the usual shopping sites where consumers can choose from a wide range of offers in order to find the deal that suits them best. This means that in real life, even without counting on the generosity of a casino with a no deposit bonus or a raffle, you have more opportunities than ever to find a refurbished PS4 at ridiculous prices, not to mention the games that are also on sale at the moment.


The PS4 and PS5 both have custom AMD Radeon chips, however the PS5 remains the most powerful. It has twice as many processors and therefore greater processing speed. Another difference between the two consoles is the number of teraflops.

The teraflop is the unit of processing speed of a processor. The PlayStation 4 can reach almost 1,84 teraflops while the PS5 climbs up to 10,28 teraflops. Just based on these figures, we realize that the graphics processor of the PS5 is 8x more powerful than that of the PS4 and 2,5x more than that of the PS4 pro.

The resolution

PS5's improved graphics resolution will likely push games to deliver unprecedented visuals. The PS5 supports 4K at 120Hz and 8K, both of which have a variable refresh rate determined by the HDMI 2.1 standard. The PS4, on the other hand, can display 1080p resolution, which is often scaled down based on power consumption while gaming. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, can display 4K resolution. Although most TVs don't yet have an HDMI 2.1 port, Sony's inclusion of an HDMI 2.1 output is very prospective. This standard makes it possible to support a variable refresh rate, which helps to avoid glitches on the screen.


Compared to the PS4 or PS4 Pro, the PS5 has had no improvement in its storage capacity. It still has 825 GB of storage space unlike the basic PS4 which only has 500. The real difference between these two machines is in terms of performance. While the PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive, the PS5 has a custom solid-state drive with a raw read bandwidth of 5,5 GB/s. In fact, this means that game files can be read from the flash memory module, decompressed and transferred to the system faster on PS5 than on PS4.


It's obvious that games load faster with the new SSD, but developers also have more freedom in displaying resources. Thanks to PS5's fast storage, game files can be read from the storage device and transferred to the system within milliseconds. On the PS5, it is also possible to increase your storage with standard coins like on the PS4. However, you need to insert an NVMe SSD instead of a 2,5 inch HDD. Open PS4 support does not exist on PS5; you will therefore have to wait for the arrival of PCI-e 4.0 based drives to expand the capacity of the PS5.

The remote

Apart from the differences mentioned above between the two machines, the PS5 will offer a new controller by completely abandoning the name DualShock. Sony's newborn features DualSense, a next-gen controller designed to deliver better battery life, adaptive triggers and, big news, haptic feedback. The idea of ​​adaptive triggers is to provide varying degrees of resistance based on your in-game actions. For example, you won't feel the same when using a bow, submachine gun, or shotgun. The purpose of these different sensations is to make the game more immersive. Haptic feedback works the same way, but requires vibrations from the controller. Dynamic vibrations will be used to represent the different surfaces and make you feel the recoil of weapons.

The editions

As mentioned earlier, the choices are yours when buying your PS5. You can choose the disc compatible version, or the digital version on which you can only store copies of digital games purchased online. The model you choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences and also your capital, knowing that the digital version is worth €100 less than normal.


The PS4 has a long list of excellent exclusive games, like God of War, Uncharted and many more. Even if these games are also accessible on the PS5 and, in most cases, the graphics will be even better on the new machine, it must be admitted that the catalog of the 4 is much more extensive, and logically elsewhere. On the other hand, we hope that with backward compatibility, all old PS4 games will work on PS5 and that any player will be able to enjoy their classics again without necessarily bleeding their pocket.

Should you always keep your PS4?

The PlayStation 5 is still better than the PlayStation 4 in all areas. However, why keep your PS4 if you can have the PS5 which is superior to it. The answer lies in the price of the PS5, but above all in the out of stock which means that many have not yet managed to get one. Worse, some unscrupulous individuals do not hesitate to use bots in order to grab all the devices in stock, before reselling them, 2 or 3 times more expensive, which means that the prices on the market are much higher than the real thing. console cost. It might therefore be wise to wait and enjoy your PS4 while waiting for a price adjustment.

In addition to the games already available on the PS4, several other games will continue to be developed on the console. From low-budget indie titles, cross-platform games, major exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West, to new releases like Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Gotham Knights, and Hogwarts Legacy, you'll be treated to a plethora of titles. There will certainly be plenty more announcements over the coming year, and it's expected that successful brands like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed will continue to supply the 4th Gen console.

It must be said that the PS4 still has many years of life ahead of it, and its PS Store therefore remains online and fully functional. It's also worth pointing out that services such as PS Plus and PS Now remain available on the PS4. Subscribers will continue to receive two PS4 games each month, which is a good reason to stick with your subscription and your console, at least until the new one is fully available and at a reasonable price.

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