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Our articles on Clash Royale Best Clash Royale League challenge decks If you want to get away with surprising your opponent, here are two reliable decks that will help you during the Clash Royale League special challenge.

Clash Royale is a game where it is good, on certain occasions, to surprise by bringing out an exotic decklist, whether in the use of forgotten cards or new associations. To celebrate the special challenge 20 wins for the Clash Royale League, we present to you two decks that meet these conditions: the unprecedented association of the Hound and Graveyard, then using the royal giant, a very rare challenge card.

Hound / Graveyard Arena 7

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Composition of the Deck

Lava Hound


Mega Gargoyle

flying machine


Electrocution / Zap


tomb stone
Average cost : 3,9 Difficulty : Medium/Hard

In theory, it is based on one of the many variations of the LavaLoon, but without using the Ball. The base is almost the same, with two excellent aerial maps other than the Hound, guards who will ensure, with the tomb stone, a good defense on the ground. What differs greatly, in the end, is the use of the Graveyard instead of Ball.

When we play the Hound, the opponent will expect, in general, has a very aerial deck and, therefore, with the use of Ball. Here the Graveyard goes well with the Molossus, which allows time to build good pushes which can be difficult for the opponent to defend. Otherwise, it's a deck, as you'll see, based on a solid defense and, therefore, a good knowledge of the opponent's match-ups.




Royal Arena Royal Giant Deck 11

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Composition of the Deck

royal giant


Mega Gargoyle

dark prince

spirits of fire

The log


Average cost : 3,6 Difficulty : Medium/Hard

It's clear that with one of the most hated cards in the game, this deck is going to draw motes to you. However, Royal is a customary of the fact. The Romanian player, who participated in season 1 of Spring EU des CCGS, is remembered for having provoked the famous middle finger of Suaareez.

Working well in ladder, this deck was able to allow its user to win 12 Super Challenge victories, proof of its solidity. Speaking of this aspect, we can notice that in general, it is a deck that has a solid general defense. Whether on the ground or in the air, the cards you have can allow you to defend what you want and in addition, if you don't like Log/Zap Bait and theArc-X, this deck is very good to play against.

As explained in the images below, it's a deck that does better in double elixir. Your goal, in any case, is going to be to defend well and cycle your royal giant when you have a good elixir advantage or a card like Dark Prince in good health after defense. Otherwise, your goal will be to force the passage at all costs, especially in double elixir where you will have to impose yourself and be aggressive. In the end, if your opponent puts an unhappy emote on you, your objective is fulfilled.

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