Clash Royale: Touchdown Mode Rules and Interface

Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: Rules and Interface of the Touchdown mode What you need to know to play the new mode of Clash Royale.

April 12 update : After April 1st, the mode Touchdown returns this weekend, with a special 9-win challenge (from Friday 9 a.m. to Monday 9 a.m.). The unique rewards, with the required number of wins, are exactly the same as last January: 2.000 gold (3), 4.000 gold (5), Giant Chest (7) and 20.000 gold (9) .


Public chat Clash Royale, when you read these lines, the mode Touchdown will either be in an upcoming update or already available. The latter represents the first mode, of the game of Supercell, where Towers, lanes and the river are removed. Therefore, as we will see, there are differences on the original rules and interface. This little guide will, therefore, talk to you and explain what makes the specificities of the mode Touchdown.

Clash Royale: Touchdown Mode Rules and Interface


What does not change

However, we will start with what is identical. The weather will stay the same, i.e. it is three minutes, with possible overtime and the elixir doubled to the remaining minute. You can also win a game when you have 3 or more crowns than your opponent. Only, for the latter, the way to obtain them is different.


The specificities of Touchdown mode

First of all, the game is exclusively in 2v2 and a fashion draft. For those who don't know what it is, it means that you and your teammate will have the choice, 4 times, between two cards, until your deck is formed.

To win a crown in this game mode, a troop must be able to arrive in the opposing in-goal. Therefore, as we wrote above, the winner is the first to 3 crowns or the one who has the most, at the end of the game. You can place your units up to a white line which is materialized on the ground. However, there is 4 cards that it is possible to place in the middle of the field : the Graveyard, the Miner, the Goblin Barrel and the Log. As for spells, other than those mentioned, they can be placed anywhere on the map.

The Touchdown mode interface

Here is Touchdown Mode arena, knowing that the statistics indicate the parts of the map we talked about:


Clash Royale: Touchdown Mode Rules and Interface


1. En-but adverse

2. End of laying units/buildings white line.

3. Middle of the map.

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