Clash Royale: Guide Tips for climbing arenas

    Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: Guide Tips for getting into arenas Do you want to get into an arena and/or want to know the best tips for progressing in all aspects of the game? The editorial is here!

    Level up arenas in Clash Royale does not necessarily happen with the wave of a magic wand, nor with the power of love or money (we will also mention this point). By having a solid foundation and our tips, the climb will not be absolute, but easier.

    First of all, here the list of arenas in the game, with the number of trophies required. Know that we can also return to the previous arena if on lose more than 51 trophies in relation to the number needed to access it:

    Arena Number of trophies required Minimum number of trophies. for descent
    Tapestry (1) 0 x
    Bone Pit (2) 300 249
    Barbarian Arena (3) 600 549
    PEKKAland park (4) 1000 949
    Spell Valley (5) 1300 1249
    Worker's Workshop (6) 1600 1549
    Royal Arena (7) 2000 1949
    Frozen Summit (8) 2300 2249
    Jungle Arena (9) 2600 2549
    Mount of Pigs (10) 3000 2949
    Electric Valley (11) 3300 3249
    Sinister City (12) 3600 3549
    Legendary Arena (13) 4000 3949

    Identify your playstyle and deck, then stick to it as much as possible
    Even if it is not really valid in the lower arenas, it becomes more so later on, especially from arena 8 in our opinion. Therefore, do not be afraid to test, even if it means losing trophies, because the recovery will only be more beautiful. Whether you're a Control, Beatdown, Cycle, or Siege-type player, know how to identify that (we've got deck guides for you). When you feel that you have found something that works and that you like, do not hesitate to keep it, then modify it according to the cards of the moment.

    Unit placement is not random
    When you have a tank, place it in the back so you can power it up behind it. When defending, make sure to distract the opposing unit by placing yours to one side, so they can waste time for free. You can also place units to hinder other opposing troops. It takes time to have the right answer with all the units in the game, but as we have just demonstrated, you don't place a unit haphazardly.

    Tap your screen at the start of a game
    When you start a match, you have a screen that shows you, whether in 1v1 or 2v2, the nicknames of your opponents. However, this animation can be removed, which gives you better responsiveness.

    The importance of having a clan
    A clan, available directly in the game, is of paramount importance for its progress. The first aspect, often overlooked, is that you have teammates who can help you with the way you play the game. Because of this, they can come in handy by giving you sound advice, helping you to progress. You also have the clan chest, every weekend, which gives you a good amount of gold and cards if you reach a good level.
    Also, this is where you can request cards every 7 hours, but also the donner, which can become lucrative: 1 xp and 5 gold (1x common), 10 xp and 50 gold (1x rare) and 10 xp and 500 gold per epic (only on Sunday). To know the limits of donations and requests, this table indicates it to you: 

    Arena(s) Bookings Donations (daily limit)
    Tapestry (1) 10 common or 1 rare 1 common or 1 rare (60)
    to Bones/Barbarians (2 and 3) 10 common or 1 rare 2 common or 1 rare (60)
    PEKKAland, Spells and Worker (4 to 6) 20 common or 2 rare 4 common or 1 rare (120)
    Royal, Frozen and Jungle (7 to 9) 30 common or 3 rare 6 common or 1 rare (180, 200, 220)
    Pigs, Electric, Sinister and Legendary (10 and 13) 40 common or 4 rare 8 common or 1 rare (240, 240, 260)

    Improve than the current cards or you play
    You will realize very quickly that gems are one thing, but gold is just as, if not more, important. If we refer to what has been written, it is better to improve than a handful of cards. As a result, you will save money and have more gold to upgrade the ones that matter most to you. As for the cost of upgrades, read our guide on the subject.

    Wait for special offers to invest
    If you want to put money into Clash Royale, it is better to wait for what are called special offers, because your money will be more profitable. Available upon accession (for the first time) to a specific arena, but also periodically, you can acquire them for 1.09, 5.49, 10.99 or + for your first entry into the legendary arena (11). They contain un chest (from Giant to Super Magic), Gems (from 80 to 1200) and theOr (from 1.000 to 100.000). Here, we advise you to always take the one with the most gold, because we told ourselves, they will be very useful for the future. We'll come back to that shortly.

    Clash Royale: Guide Tips for climbing arenas

    Don't spend the gems you earn
    Waiting to open chests can be frustrating, we recognize that, but don't let that tempt you. A great reason for this is the Legendary Chest : periodically, for 500 gems, you have a legendary which is guaranteed and which can be the missing piece of the puzzle to take off in trophies. You can earn them through Clan Chests and for free, but also by completing the objectives of the game's achievements.

    Always keep 40.000 or 80.000 gold in reserve
    When you are in arena 10 (Mount of Pigs) to 12 (Legendary Arena), you can buy a legendary card for 40.000 gold. When the one you want appears, you will only have to buy it with this reserve, which turns out to be very useful. An example below:

    Clash Royale: Guide Tips for climbing arenas

    Royal TV, a useful thing
    While we have sites like StatsRoyale that can inspire your decks, watching TV Royale is a good thing. Indeed, you can see how the tops play and, therefore, you can learn from them, which will help you progress.

    Keep calm and play in good conditions
    Finally, it would be stupid to play strongly irritated and under bad conditions. Therefore, be comfortable where you are, try to stay calm and above all, avoid throwing your phone, tablet or computer into the wall, it is useless.

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