Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9

Our articles about Clash Royale Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9 Yet another variation of the pinnacle of aerial decks and a safe bet for a long time.

Public chat Clash Royale, our deck guide, based on the Lava Hound and Ball (LavaLoon), will help you level up in arenas. As we have already written, this is a deck that represents a pinnacle of the aerial deck. This combo, which has been around for a while, is a classic that, thanks to recent nerfs, has returned to the limelight. If your opponent doesn't like getting high, it's the grave when he falls.

Composition of the deck

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
Lava Hound

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
hell dragon

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
Mega Gargoyle

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
Gang de gobelins

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
Electrocution / Zap

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9
tomb stone

Average cost : 3,9

Difficulty : Medium


Function of cards

Lava Hound : One of your victory conditions, but not the only one. If we had to think of an equivalent in its mechanics, it is the G : a tank that allows other units to shine. In addition to having an intimidating side, it spawns lava shoots when it dies, which are difficult to defend if your opponent does not have them. arrows.

Ball : Your other victory condition. When one absorbs the damage, he comes to do the work and does a lot of it, especially if your opponent is magnetized by our first. It is also useful for making a counterattack, especially when your opponent lands a heavy card or an easily defendable combo.

Hell dragon : A excellent air support map, but also a anti-tank effective, when used wisely and unfocused.

Mega Gargoyle : Another good map, more useful against medium ground troops, But also Baby Dragon. It also has damage that is not to be overlooked.

Gang of Gobelins : Your deck having no ground troops, the Gang is a card that will be you useful in defense, despite the general fragility of the components. What's more, and offense, at your own risk, this is a good card to counterattack, With the Ball.

Zap/Electrocution : The card you need against small troops, both in the air and on the ground. Here, it was preferred to La B没che, which offers an increased range of use.

Fireball : Preferred to Lightning or Roquette to gain lightness. However, it is still an effective card and has good synergy with your ground troops. It is also useful against Horde of Gargoyles and against the Elixir Extractors.

Tomb stone : Knowing the weakness of your ground defense, to have a light defensive building is essential, whether to distract the units, but also in collaboration with the Gang.

Early / mid game

This deck is relatively easy to assimilate, because it works in a way that can make you think of a deck G. Indeed, your goal will be to launch the Lava Hound, then power it up, so that while it soaks up the hits, your units do the work.

However, as one might suspect, your early game is going to be the wait, because the pose of the Hound input can seal the fate of the game. However, if your opponent is placing a building or a heavy unit (and Golem), do not hesitate to send him the Ball if you have it, supported by units: having less resources to defend, you risk doing excellent damage, even the tower if you are lucky.

As we just said, your goal in the first two minutes is to play more defensively. Therefore, focus on your defense, obtaining elixir gains and (or) shooting windows. When you feel you have an opportunity, go for it, while watching your defense.

Double elixir and overtime

It is at this precise moment that your deck will become more dangerous, because you can afford to have a faster cycle. As a result, you can place your combos with less risk of getting a devastating counterattack. Above all, if you place your support units well, your opponent may not know what to do in defense and you take advantage of this to achieve victory. 

If you have already destroyed a tower, do not hesitate to put your Molossians towards the middle of the enemy base, which can force him to defend in less time and create errors. If you do well, victory is yours!

What is the problem / Replacements

It's a deck, which, in general, poses a lot of problems, because of its abundance of air cards and that, by nature, it seems intimidating. However, the Hell Tower is going to be inconvenient, greatly slowing your progress. Certainly you have the Ball, Hell dragon and Zap, but there is still a weight to bear. 

The decks at theArc-X can also pose a problem if you poorly anticipate what your opponent is doing: otherwise, your Hell dragon will be effective. The decks Zap Bait can also be a problem, because with what you have in defense, taking damage is almost guaranteed. However, in such cases, you can replace the Zap by arrows.

As for other changes, you can use theSkeleton Army instead of Goblin Gang, so you can play the deck from Arena 7. The other possible replacement is that instead of having the pair Zap/Fireball, you can opt for Arrows/Lightning, which weighs down the deck, but is more efficient. The last possible replacement, if you do not have the Hell dragon, is to take the Gargoyles or Bats, depending on your arena and personal preference.

Clash Royale: Lava Hound / Arena Balloon Deck Guide 9

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