Clash Royale Guide - Play the Game on PC

Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale Guide - Play the game on PC Do you want to play Clash Royale on your computer? This guide will show you how, step by step!

Clash Royale is a game that is only available if you have a compatible phone that can run Android or iOS (iPhones). Only, there is a trick to play on PC. If we refer to the support de Boom Beach, which may represent the guideline of other Supercell games, be aware that playing on an emulator is tolerated.

While there is no no real iOS emulators on the market, This is not the case for Android, far from there.
Indeed, there are a multitude of programs that can operate the Android apps, Clash Royale understood.
For this guide/tutorial, we will use the software BlueStacks 3, to three reasons : the developer promotes the game, which is a guarantee of good functioning, it is well optimized and, moreover, it is very reliable. Certainly, it is not completely free (occasional ads), but still acceptable.



- To download the software in question, by clicking here.

- Open the file, and then click Install Now. The software will install slowly.

- After installation, open the software (which should be in the start menu).

- Emulator should you request your GMAIL account. If you don't have one, create it here. If you already have one, enter your username and password. For the latter, we recommend strongly of it copy paste from an app such as “Notepad”, to make sure the password is accepted.

- Finish the configuration validating everything you want or not.

- You are normally on the Application Center. As soon as you see Clash Royale (it is an app recommended by the emulator), click on it. Illustrative image here.

- A window will open (Google Play). Just click on “Install” and validate. Clash Royale will download and install automatically.

- When this is done, you can either click on "open", or go to "My Applications" and click on Clash Royale. The program will open and set to the correct ratio. Have fun !


If you have already un Clash Royale account on the fact Android, know that you can play with it, freely, on your Smartphone and PC. To do this, do like this:


- In Parameters (the Wheel at the top right of the main menu), click on Connexion Google Play. If this is already done, go to the next step and if not, press the button and validate, until "On Line" appears.

- In the emulator, after downloading the game, complete the first tutorial. Then press Parameters and log in to your google play account (the same as that of your Smartphone). If needed, add the correct account.

- When this is done, you will come across this screen (illustrated here by the writer of this guide). Press Yes and you're done. 


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