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Dance Clash Royale, one of the peculiarities is that we can make level up cards, which can be won with the various chests in the game, or by buying them. To do this, you need a number of cards and gold, depending on the current level of the card you want to evolve, as well as the rarity. 
Indeed, whether your card is town, rare, epic ou legendary, the price will not be the same.
Therefore, this guide will focus on how to upgrade the cards, how to buy them, the maximum levels for each rarity, the resources needed to upgrade according to their level and, finally, the gain of experience per level.


How to improve a card?

The question we can ask ourselves, if we start the game for the first time and arrive in the arena, that's why, for example, my opponent's units have a level of 3, while I'm still at level 1. Also, one wonders why it is easier for my opponent to eliminate my units.
The answer to the question is as follows: he improved his cards. How do we do it ourselves? The principle is simple.

For this we need a required number of cards and gold, increasing with each level. When these are filled, you only have more than to validate and the card to a higher level, increasing certain characteristics of the latter, but also your experience, influencing your king level (see here for our guide on this subject).
Here is the proof in pictures:


Since the September 2018 change, it should read Lava Hound level 9 and not level 1.


Here we see the cards that can be increased or not: if it is blue, the number of cards required is insufficient, the opposite if it is green. To increase the legendary card Lava Hound, we need 2 cards and 5.000 gold
If I click on my icon and "Upgrade" we see the features, as well as the writing is red. If she is blanche, press "Upgrade" and the unit will level up. If she is red, on the other hand, it means that in this case we do not have enough gold. 
Here, when we press "Upgrade", the game asks us if we want to pay the missing amount using gems. In this case, either you have the missing gems to complete, or you need to purchase some.


Buy cards

In Clash Royale, you can get cards from the shop, knowing that they appear automatically. Each day, 3 cards (6 on Sunday) appear more or less randomly. The starting prices (in gold) are as follows, knowing that they are doubled if you want another one: 2 (common), 20 (rare), 1.000 (epic) and 40.000 (legendary). For the latter, you can only acquire from arena 10.


Maximum card level

Clash Royale has a limit on how many levels a card can take. To be more precise, they can be, at most, 13 level. However, they don't all start at the same level: 1 (common), 3 (rare), 6 (epic) and 9 (legendary). The only way to get a higher level card than these is by using the spell Mirror.


The resources needed to level up a card

As we explained earlier, you need a certain amount of gold and cards for her to level up. These tablesx, below, will detail all this, adding the number of experience points at the end.

Star Points

Be aware that since the December 2018 update, the experience you earn will be converted into star points, changing the aesthetics of your cards that are at the maximum level.



Level Town Rare Epique Legendary
1 x x x x
2 5 x x x
3 20 x x x
4 50 50 x x
5 150 150 x x
6 400 400 x x
7 1000 1000 400 x
8 2000 2000 2000 x
9 4000 4000 4000 x
10 8000 8000 8000 5.000
11 20.000


20.000 20.000
12 50.000 50.000 50.000 50.000
13 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000

Number of cards

Level Town Rare Epique Legendary
1 1 x x x
2 2 x x x
3 4 1 x x
4 10  2 x x
5 20 4 x x
6 50 10 1 x
7 100 20 2 x
8 200 50 4 x
9 400 100 10 1
10 800 200 20 2
11 1000


50 4
12 2000 800 100 10
13 5000 1000 200 20

Experience points gained

Level Town Rare Epique Legendary
1 x x x x
2 4 x x x
3 5 x x x
4 6 6 x x
5 10 10 x x
6 25 25 x x
7 50 50 25 x
8 100 100 100 x
9 200 200 200 x
10 400 400 400 250
11 600


600 600
12 800 800 800 800
13 1600 1600 1600 1600
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