Guide: Best PS4 Racing Games

What are the best PS4 racing games? Well, it's no secret that the PlayStation 4 doesn't have the biggest selection of driving games ever. Arcade racing games in particular are rare, leaving PS4 owners with limited choice when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal. That said, we were still able to put together a list of fast and furious racers that will provide all the speed demon fantasies you could want. From mascot kart racers to straight-up sims, read on to see which PS4 racing games are our favorites.

20. GRIP

A sort of spiritual successor to Rollcage, GRIP is a rough, tumbling racing game that will have you traversing horizontal and vertical surfaces. Vehicles with huge tires will flip and bounce from floor to wall to ceiling, and it's as crazy as it sounds. Luckily, there's some order in the chaos, and the accessible manipulation means you'll soon be blasting your opponents in no time. It has its issues, but it's a rare find on PS4 - a half-decent arcade racer.

19. Tiny Trax

Scalextric in a fantasy setting, Tiny Trax uses PlayStation VR to put you in the coolest arcade ever, making for a comfortable yet immersive VR racing experience that sees vehicles zipping all around you. The gameplay is easy to pick up, but very difficult to master, requiring you to find the sweet spot around corners to maintain maximum acceleration, while replenishing your boost. There's not a whole lot of content, but great use of virtual reality makes it one of the most innovative racing games on PS4.

18. TrackMania: Turbo

One of the PlayStation 4's few decent arcade racing games, Trackmania Turbo is jam-packed with high-speed vehicular action. Short and high flight courses are tight and highly addictive to learn as you aim for that elusive perfect run. Multiplayer is even better, with plenty of options for competitive or cooperative play, including a full two-player campaign. Plus, there's PSVR support and a course creator that lets you create your own vomit-inducing tracks. With its more sophisticated time trials and simple controls, thrill seekers should definitely check out Trackmania Turbo.

17. Redout: Lightspeed Edition

The anti-gravity racing genre was gone for a while, but has come back with a vengeance in recent years. Redout is one of those WipEout wannabes, and it's a surprisingly good alternative. We were particularly smitten with its excellent sound design, sense of speed, and intense Boss Races. While it might not quite have the finesse in its design that its inspiration is famous for, it's still a fun and frenetic runner well worth a shot.

16. Horizon Chase Turbo

This indie arcade racing title might not look like much, but it's a surprisingly good little game with acres of content. Inspired by '90s racers like Top Gear and OutRun, the game features hundreds of races, plenty of unlockable cars to race and upgrade, and a handful of modes to master. Plus, you can play it all in local split-screen multiplayer. Horizon Chase Turbo is a slick, addictive, lightning-fast runner that punches above its weight.

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