Upcoming Clash Royale chests cycle, a site to help you

Our articles on Clash Royale Cycle chests Clash Royale to come, a site to help you Clash Royale makes more or less rare chests available during your victories. But how do you know which chests will arrive next?

Always, Clash Royale allows players to have more or less rare rewards after winning a fight. When they are rare, it makes us want to play, and when they are not, a little less... Did you know that there was a site that let you know the chests coming to Clash Royale?

This is Stats Royale, a site that we have been using within the editorial staff for a very long time. This site is very useful because it allows you to list all the chests that will be offered to you after your victories.

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How do I know which chests will arrive in advance?

As said before, you have all the information on the website Stats Royale. This site does not ask you for your Clash Royale usernames and passwords, only your player tag (visible to everyone).

  • To find your Tag, go to the game Clash Royale.
  • Go to your Player Profile en cclicking on your username on the homepage.
  • You will then find under your nickname, your tag starting with #.
  • Enter this Tag on the website and you will then have access to all the information in your Clash Royale account.
  • You will then find prochains coffres and thus know when the most important chests will arrive.

In short, the Stats Royale site also allows you to know all the information of your account such as your number of wins, defeats, your progress and maximum number of trophies you have reached. It can also tell you the opponents you've fought against as well as your favorite cards and the deck you're currently playing.

Stats Royale also allows you to build decks with the best performance depending on the cards you have. To do this, simply click on Deck builder and enter your tag.

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