Clash Royale: 5 Hog Rider Tips

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Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: 5 tips on the Pig Rider Tips from the editorial staff to better get out and play the Pig Rider.

Public chat Clash Royale, the 5 tips are regular articles that will give you additional keys to better play the title of Supercell. They are focused on one unit and are recommended for beginners, but can be a source of inspiration for everyone. On the menu today, we have a menu that has always known how to be dangerous, regardless of the times: the Pig Rider.

1. A famous combination in the game, though forgotten today, is the Trifecta. This type of deck is the combination of our Pig Rider, Valkyrie and Musketeer. One of the reasons for this is that he is able to push certain units, giving them a huge boost in movement speed.


2. A tomb stone, in fashion at the moment, allows you to get rid of the Pig Rider, when it is well placed and of a good level. The point is that if he doesn't use a spell, you take no damage and you have one elixir advantage.

Here is a recent example, found on Reddit:


3. An effective push with the Pig Rider does not happen alone. Indeed, adding a spell or unit(s) behind him, such asice spirit for example, can be useful. In this case, if your opponent defends with a medium unit, it will be frozen momentarily, being able to ensure good damage. The Ice Golem, if we refer to 1, is also useful, since in this way it does not take hits from a Tower.


4. Le Pig Rider is the only ground unit that can naturally cross the river, without needing the bridge and a unit/building. The other two units that can do it, but need one of its elements, are the thief (in charge) and the mega knight (in jump).


5. One of the reasons why the Tornado is a popular card because it is able to put units on your King's Rook, whose Pig Rider. The advantage, in this case, is that by activating it, your defense will be reinforced.

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