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Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: 5 tips on the Tornado The tips of the editor to better play the Tornado.

Public chat Clash Royale, the 5 tips are regular articles that will give you additional keys to better play the title of Supercell. They are focused on one unit and are recommended for beginners, but can be a source of inspiration for everyone. For this 11th issue, we will address the Tornado, which was covered during the 5 tips on the Pig Rider and Goblin Barrel, but who deserves his quarter of an hour of fame.



1. La Tornado is a spell that has the particularity of affecting only units and not buildings (you can place Tornado on them), which is not necessarily true in reality and unique in the game, since it shares this with Healing. However, he is the only one who can move or gather unit(s) within a given radius. As he can collect them, it makes the Tornado naturally strong with units doing radius damage, like the Baby golden dragon for example.


2. When units are caught in the eye of the storm, they cannot advance, but this does not interrupt a charge. Therefore, if a Prince, was charging while you activated your Tornado, it will continue on its way normally if you do nothing.


3. As indicated on the map card, the Tornado deals damage every 0.5 seconds instead of every second, like a Poison for example. Therefore, if we take the example of spirits of fire at level 8, knowing that our two other spells are at level 4, it will take 1.5 sec (58+29 = 87) for the Tornado and 2 seconds for the Poison.


4. La Tornado, as it has been mentioned, to the force of being able to deviate units from their trajectories. By doing this you can force them to switch targets and the most interesting being the King's Tower. If you activate it, you will take damage, but your defense will be much better. However, this requires learning time and specific knowledge, since depending on what you have in front of you, the placement of the Tornado will be changed.


5. If you put a G on your Tour du Roi with the Tornado, know that when it explodes, one of the Golemites will go to the nearest crown tower.


If you want to know more about the use of this card, we recommend this video ofOrange Juice :




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