Guide: Best PS4 External Hard Drive Upgrades

While grabbing PS4 games on a Blu-ray disc is always very convenient, if you're anything like us, you'll have been tempted by the multitude of downloadable goodies that go on sale from time to time on the PlayStation. Store. Factor in a huge PS Plus backlog, and before long you'll have gone through all of your PS4's internal storage and have no choice but to delete some of your biggest games and clean up that DLC.

Of course, it's possible to upgrade the PS4 internal hard drive with another 2,5" internal hard drive. But that can be time-consuming and, if we're being honest, a bit daunting for those of you don't like to mess with expensive Fortunately, with all of the recent firmware updates, Sony has made plugging in a USB 3.0 compatible external hard drive easier than ever, so avoid voiding your warranty and just plug in a external hard drive is our recommendation.

So what is the best ps4 external hard drive upgrade option for you? Much will depend on your budget, we've rounded up some of our favorite options below with varying storage sizes (and therefore price!). Of course, it is always possible to use an SSD (solid-state drive) which offers faster loading times, but these are significantly more expensive. Check out best ps4 external ssd drives through the link.

Best PS4 External Hard Drive Upgrades

Best PS4 External Hard Drive Upgrades in the US and Canada

Below is a list of the best PS4 external hard drive upgrades if you live in the United States and Canada. You really can't go wrong with any of these options, but consider storage space and even aesthetics before you pull the trigger. It's also worth noting if the hard drive you choose requires an independent power source, as some may simply draw power from your PlayStation 4's USB port.

Best PS4 external hard drive upgrades in the UK and Europe

For those of you in the UK and Europe, below is a list of the best PS4 external hard drive options. Just like in the US, don't forget to pay attention to the size of the hard drive, because obviously more space will allow you to store more games. Aesthetics are also important if you want your hard drive to be unobtrusive in your media center.

Whichever external hard drive option you choose, you're going to increase the storage of your beloved PS4. What external hard drive do you use on your PS4? Let us know which is your favorite hard drive in the comments section below.

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