Guide: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered PS4 - Where to Find All 61 Treasures

Guide: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered PS4 - Where to Find All 61 Treasures

Where do you find all 61 treasures in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered on PS4? Nathan Drake may also be a comedian and serial killer, but he's a treasure hunter at heart. There are 61 treasures to find in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection renewing interest in the original adventure, we thought we'd share the locations of them all. Without further ado, here's where you'll loot all the trinkets from Naughty Dog's classic 2007 campaign. Collecting them all, alongside the Strange Relic, will unlock the “Master Thief Collection” trophy.

Where to find all 61 treasures in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PS4

Here's where you'll find all 61 treasures in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PS4, which is the first game in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Chapter 2: The Search for El Dorado

Silver Mosaic Inca Earring: At the beginning of the chapter, hug the left of the river bank until you reach a large rock blocking your path. Climb on it and you should see the treasure glistening in the sun. One down, lots more to do.

Jewel silver monkey: This one is in the area where you have to push the rock to find the entrance to the ruined temple. In the center of the area are three pillars. You need to jump on the right pillar to progress, but first jump on the left pillar to grab the treasure.

Decorated gold ring: In the ruined temple, there is a part where you have to shoot a red barrel in order to create a makeshift bridge. However, before crossing it, run as far forward as possible without falling off the edge, then move to the left. You will find the treasure in the corner.

Silver llama: Once you jump down the hole in the ruined temple and raise the water level, jump and swim to land. Instead of climbing the rock directly in front of you, however, run it to the right and you'll find some hidden treasure in the back.

Golden Inca Cup: After the bridge collapse sequence, you will get a cutscene and find yourself in a new room. Turn around and look for a skeleton perched among the rubble. He holds riches that desperately need your attention.

Silver turtle: Directly outside the ruined temple are four pillars. Climb on the smaller one and jump on the larger one. Jump through all the pillars until you land on the last one and grab the treasure.

Chapter 3: A Surprising Discovery

Pédant d'or Tairona: After finding the German ship, you will need to do some rock climbing. Once you hit the climax, there's a section where you can flick left or right. You need to go left to progress - but if you follow the path to the right, you'll find treasure.

Gold and turquoise Inca earring: When you're at the top of the boat, instead of entering it through the middle, run to the end. You will find the hidden treasure just in front of the boat.

Chapter 4: Plane Destroyed

Silver Inca figurine: At the very beginning of the chapter, turn right to face a tree. The treasure is to the right of its roots.

Silver fish charm: Move forward until you come across a small waterfall directly ahead. Look in the alcove on the left and take your treasure.

Golden frog: Once you reach the first log passage, drop down to the platform beyond the one you're standing on and grab the gift.

Intricate gold ring: In the large area where you run into dozens and dozens of pirates, climb the pillars and up to the second level of the environment. Instead of moving to the right, look in the upper left corner and you'll find the treasure.

Patterned silver ring: In the last section before jumping over the large closed wall, you'll need to do a bit of platforming between some blown walls. However, if you head to the left corner and climb the ledge, you'll find treasure.

Golden Jaguar: As you move forward, you will reach an area with lots of pirates. Once you've killed them all, move to the left and you'll find the treasure among some hidden trees in the corner.

Silver Inca Ship: There is a waterfall with two guards above. Take them out then follow the path until you reach an area where there is a rock creating a makeshift plank for you to walk on. Don't climb it just yet: drop down to the area below and you'll find a hidden treasure among the greenery to the right.

Golden toothpick: In the area where the plane is stuck in the tree, kill all the pirates and go through the door. Head immediately right once you're done, and the treasure is hidden among the grass.

Navire Silver Bird: There is a platform section after the previous treasure. Complete this and you will reach an area with many pirates and traps. Before entering the combat section, however, run to the trees on the right and follow them back, next to the area you just entered. You will find the treasure right on the ledge.

Silver Inca earring: After going through all the traps, before moving on to the next area, take the path to the top of the large stone structure on the left and the treasure is hidden among the grass at the top.

Chapter 5: The Fortress

Strange Relic: In the first outer space of the fortress, kill a group of guards. Then go up the stairs and run left past the tree. Jump across the gap to the platform directly in front of you, and you'll find the strange relic sitting on top.

Silver Jaguar: In the same area, jump back to the upper ledge that borders the entire section and follow the perimeter until you reach the last white vantage point. The treasure is hidden inside.

Golden Mosaic Inca Earring: Drop down to the new viewpoint area and run towards the doors. Climb over all the rubble in front of the door on the right, and you should come across the treasure that is in and among the debris.

golden spoon: In the waterway with the turret gunner, go up the room to the right and you'll find the treasure perched on top of some ammo. Be careful because there is a guard here waiting for you.

Chapter 6: Releasing the Past

Silver Inca Mask: After eliminating the pirates, go up to the next level and look for a large tree around the perimeter of the fortress. There is a treasure just behind.

Spanish silver coin: Inside the fortress where you have a massive gunfight against a machine gunner and several pirates, run to the door below the area where the stationary gun is. Climb the rubble to the left, and the treasure is sitting on the platform above.

Spanish Tairona Pendant: After using the machine gun to take out all the approaching enemies, run to the bottom of the stairs and examine the right corner at the bottom of the stairwell.

Lama d'or: After defeating all the pirates on the catwalk overlooking the courtyard, enter the collapsed building and climb to the partially collapsed second floor. The treasure is just at the back of the room behind the rubble and foliage.

Chapter 8: The Drowned City

Decorated silver ring: At the very beginning of the chapter, enter the area full of pirates and run to the right. You will find the treasure tucked away in the corner of the room.

Silver frog: After dealing with the grenade launcher a bit later in the chapter, search for the remains of the house. There are guards here, so clear them out, then hurry to the right corner, where you'll find the treasure.

Chapter 9: Towards the Tower

Golden fish charm: After leaving the jet ski, you will find yourself in a shootout with several pirates. Before you go through the large arched door, you'll find treasure towards the back left part of the area.

Gold brooch with jewels: After you zipline into the building, ignore Elena's pleas for you to let her in. Explore the area behind the door first, and you'll find a treasure in the back right. Then you can let her in.

Chapter 10: Silver Belt Buckle

Silver belt buckle: Head up the stairs just above the room you entered after the cutscene involving the customs register. You will find this treasure at the very top.

Chapter 11: Trapped

Spanish gold coin: Instead of crossing the long log bridge accessed by turning left at the top of the stairs after the cutscene involving the boat, go right, and you'll find the treasure just outside the door.

Spanish chalice in silver: Cross the bridge and watch the cutscene. Now go down the stairs and instead of going straight up into the next set, turn left and again, then down the stairs look at the back left part of the platform you're on.

Gold Coatimundi: After exiting customs, you will enter a small cave. There is a pirate in front of you that you need to stealth kill. Finish it then look for a stack of boxes on the ground floor. The treasure is behind.

Chapter 13: Sanctuary

Golden turtle: After the jet-ski section, there is a shootout with many pirates. Look for a broken bridge with a nearby water wheel. Drop down from the bridge onto a platform with a pillar and the treasure sits on top.

Silver Inca Cup: After the cutscene with Elena, drop down under the dilapidated stairs directly ahead and into the river below. You'll find the treasure perched atop the rubble.

Jeweled silver cross: In the area where you need to shoot the red barrels to create a makeshift door for Elena, look for a small room nearby. You will find the treasure inside.

Silver toothpick: In the large open courtyard, from the area you enter, jump on the railings to the right and follow the path to the perimeter of the area to collect another treasure.

Golden Spanish chalice: Go back down the ramps and past where you entered, past the stairs to the opposite perimeter of the level. In the left corner is a large pile of rubble, with a treasure among them.

Silver Coatimundi: Turn around and run forward from where you got the Golden Spanish Chalice, hugging the left wall of the area. Run past the building, then up a teenage staircase and turn left into a sheltered section. Exit the tunnel, down another small set of stairs, and the treasure is, once again, among the rubble on the ground.

Golden Cup et Cover: In the puzzle room where you have to transform the statues according to Drake's Journal, you will open a secret passage. Go down the steps and in the room with the paintings you will find the treasure sitting on the floor near the left wall.

Chapter 14: Going Underground

Golden Inca Ship: At the very beginning of the chapter, go down the stairs and go right straight down. The treasure is here.

Gold Skull: In the area with the small waterfall next to the stairs, you will find this treasure in the waterfall.

Silver snuff box: Eventually, you'll make your way out of the catacombs and into the church area where there are a lot of enemies you need to fight. Before removing them, look behind the area you entered to find treasure.

Spanish silver goblet: After shooting the bells to open the secret passage, you'll find yourself in the catacombs. At the bottom of the tunnel is a square sarcophagus. Look behind for the next treasure.

Silver ingot: After the cutscene with the bad guys, jump on the platforms and go down the stairs. Turn to the right and look to the side of the stairs you just came down for the treasure.

Gold and Ruby Inca Mask: Just before the exit where you have to turn the chain wheel, look directly behind it to find the last treasure of this chapter.

Chapter 15: On the Treasure Trail

Inca gold figurine: At the very beginning of the chapter, there should be a staircase directly in front of you. At the bottom of it in the foliage on the right, there is grass, and the treasure is hiding among it.

Navire Golden Bird: Go to the secret gallery mentioned by Sully on the radio, but as you approach the door, go left and follow the walkway. You will arrive at the treasure.

Golden Spanish Goblet: After entering the monastery through a stained glass window, there is a dark room to the right from which two guards come out. The treasure is quite easy to spot inside.

Golden cross adorned with jewels: After the key puzzle, climb up the open window and into the secret room, but move to the right. Follow the path and the treasure right at the end.

Silver Skull: In the first cemetery, go down the stairs and look for a square sarcophagus under a broken piece of railing. The treasure is behind the tomb.

Golden Inca Mask: In the second part of the cemetery, there is a door that you are supposed to go through to advance the story. Instead, run past it and follow the ramps to some tombstones. The treasure is behind.

Chapter 16: The Treasure Chest

Silver cup and cover: This piece is probably the worst part of Drake's Fortune, where you have to follow the numbers on the floor. Just follow V, then ignore II, then take IV up the stairs and follow I where you'll come to the treasure.

Silver brooch with jewelry: After activating all the traps, head up the stairs to the swinging lantern. Stop when you reach it and turn left to face the III on the pillar. Jump diagonally on the ledge that is to the left of the pillar, and the treasure is above.

Gold snuff box: Climb the first spiral staircase, then descend the stairs to the next spiral staircase. Going down, there is treasure sitting on a platform attached to a piece of scaffolding. Jump carefully to catch it.

Chapter 18: The Bunker

Figurine the singe and or: Follow the hall where the mutants are attacking you and turn right. Follow the corridor again as far as you can go, and the treasure is on the left among the rubble.

Chapter 19: Unwanted Guests

Gold Seadragon Pendant: Fight your way through the many pirates and monsters towards the end of this area with the many boxes. Climb above one, then form your way to the pile leaning against the back wall for this treasure.

Chapter 20: Race to the Rescue

Lingot d'or: At the very beginning, as soon as you have control of Drake, swing and go back to where you came from. The treasure is next to a rock.

Chapter 21: Gold and Bones

Golden Skull Rosary: This one is in the catacombs of the room with the two sarcophagi. The treasure is on the right, next to gnarled skeletons.

Sapphire and silver mask: Head down the stairs from the previous treasure room, and this one is perched behind a pillar right in the center of the catacombs. And that's all of them. Alleluia.

Have you found all the treasures in Uncharted: Drake Fortune and unlocked the Master Thief Collection trophy? Are you having trouble locating any? Let us know in the comments section below.

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