Rounard's raffle, rewards and dates

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rounard's raffle, rewards and dates Every Sunday in August, take part in the Rounard's raffle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

With the August Animal Crossing update, new content has arrived in the game! It is now possible to access the world of dreams, but not only. Every Sunday in August, a fireworks display is organized, and Rounard is organizing his own raffle in the town hall square.

Participate in Rounard's raffle every Sunday in August to win different prizes!

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Rounard's raffle, how does it work?

Rounard's raffle takes place at the same time as the fireworks, i.e. every Sunday in August from 19 p.m. This raffle, you can participate by buying a ticket for 500 bells. There is a prize to be won with each participation, that is to say that you will never lose!

You can therefore participate in this raffle on the following dates:

  • Sunday, August 2
  • Sunday, August 9
  • Sunday, August 16
  • Sunday, August 23


Rounard's raffle rewards

You will have understood it, during this tombola, you will be able to win many awards ! of the headbands, balloons, wind mill… the rewards are numerous, and it is only about accessories related to fake fireworks. 

It is possible to obtain each of the rewards in one evening, since you can participate as many times as you wish in the raffle, provided you pay 500 bells for each participation! 

You can find the full list of rewards on the visual below, produced by @yuecrossing: 

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