True and false painting of Rounard: List of arts and forgeries on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons True and false painting of Rounard: List of arts and counterfeits on Animal Crossing: New Horizons The museum has grown and Rounard allows you to acquire works of art and sculptures. However, fakes have crept into Rounard's store and we'll help you tell the difference between real and fake!

With the April 23 update, the museum will be able to expand and accommodate an art gallery! But for that, it is necessary above all that you are in possession of works of art to be able to fill your collection. These works of art, it is Rounard who will sell them to you on his boat, named " Rounarama ».

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Beware of counterfeits 

If you want to fill your museum, you will have to bring paintings and sculptures to Thibou, but know that he will only accept real works.

Attention, car Rounard has in its collection the best as well as the worst. Some works that he offers you are thus completely authentic while others will simply be counterfeits! Each day you visit your island, Rounard will offer you four works for sale, but not all of them are authentic. Some will be counterfeits and it will be impossible for you to give them to the museum of Thibou.

List of paintings

In order to help you determine the nature of the objects offered by Rounard, here is a list of the different versions of the paintings with their name.

True False

Academic canvas
Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci

Top right task

amazing canvas
La Garde de nuit, the Rembrandt van Rijn

The man in the center has no hat

classic canvas
The Blue Child, by Thomas Gainsborough


Detailed canvas
Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas, by Ito Jakuchu

flower colors

famous canvas
The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci


Graceful canvas
Painting on silk of a bijin, from Moronobu


The place of women in painting

vegetable canvas
Summer, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The flowers in the lower right

moving canvas
The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli

The tree in the background

Charming canvas
La Laitière, by Johannes Vermeer

The amount of milk poured

spooky web
Otani Onji II, de Toshusai Sharaku


winter canvas
Hunters in the Snow, by Pieter Brueghel the Elder

A character is missing between the trees

solemn canvas
Les Ménines by Diego Velasquez

The position of the arm of the character in the background

royal canvas
The Lady with an Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci

The color of the animal

wild canvas (left)
God of Thunder, by Tawaraya Sōtatsu

character color

Savage web (right)
God of the Wind, by Tawaraya Sōtatsu

character color

Pearl canvas
The Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer

The shape of the pearl

The paintings always authentic

Some paintings have no counterfeit. Here is the list of tables that are always true. 

Soothing canvas
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat

Common canvas
Gleaners, by Jean-François Millet

Breaking web
La Grande Vague de Kanagawa by Hokusai

floral canvas
The Sunflowers, by Vincent Van Gogh

Twilight Web
The Last Voyage of the Bold, by Joseph Mallord William Turner


austere canvas
The fife, by Édouard Manet

powerful canvas
Sower, by Jean-François Millet

dark web
Island of the Dead, by Arnold Böcklin

perfect canvas
Still Life with Apples and Oranges, by Paul Cézanne

Gorgeous canvas
A Folies Bergère bar, by Edouard Manet

Tragic canvas
Ophélie by John Everett Millais

Glitter canvas
The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh

Radiant Canvas
The Clothed Maja, by Francisco de Goya

precious canvas
Liberty Leading the People, by Eugène Delacroix

List of sculptures

True False

ancient figurine
Statue Dogü


female statue
Venus de Milo

The character wears a necklace

majestic statue
David, by Michelangelo

The character carries a book in his right hand

uplifting tablet
Rosetta stone

The color of the tablet is blue

maternal statue
Romulus and Remus

The wolf's tongue is out

mysterious sculpture
Bust de Néfertiti, de Thoutmôsis

The bust wears an earring

athletic figure
Discobole, by Myron

The watch on the right wrist

Determined Statue
colossal head


Singular sculpture
Houmuwu ding

A handle is present on the top

heroic statue
Victory of Samothrace

The position is reversed

warrior statue
Terracotta Army

Hands rest on an object

The sculptures still authentic

Statue pensive
The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

imposing statue
Statue of Kamehameha I
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