Where to find Rounard in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Our articles on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Where to find Rounard in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? It's official, Rounard will be arriving in Animal Crossing after April 23! It will not be in the main square, so we explain where to find it.

Rounard, a highly anticipated character for players on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will finally make its arrival in the game. Its role will be similar to that which it had in the previous opuses: to sell works of art and valuable objects! However, unlike many passing characters on the island, Rounard will not be in the main square. We explain where to find it!

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Rounard is not yet available in the game, even after updating. You have to unlock it, and we explain how to do it in our dedicated article.

Where to find Rounard and the Rounarama in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Yesterday, Nintendo made an announcement regarding the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons update. This will take place this Thursday, April 23, and will bring many new features to the game. The museum will be able to be enlarged, events will take place in the coming months, and special characters will arrive in the game. Among these characters, we will be able to find Rounard, a highly anticipated fox by the players!

Present in the previous opuses, he will be there to sell de many works of art and objects of great value. He will hold a gallery called " Rounarama », installed on a boat! The first time that Rounard will come to your island, you will find him take a walk there. Afterwards, you can go on his trawler to buy works of art!

To find Rounard, you will need to go to your island's secret beach ! You may not have discovered it yet, but every island has one. This is located far north of the map, behind the cliffs. It appears on the mini-map, it is a mini stretch of beach behind the heights. To access it, you simply have to go on top of the cliffs and go down at beach level, using your ladder !

Example of a secret range



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