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Public chat Clash Royale, our deck guide, based on the Giant and Zappy, will help you get into arenas. This deck recently came in first in a 10.000 gem tournament, which is no coincidence. Indeed, it is based on the eternal Giant and Zappy, which sees its popularity jump thanks to the latest balancing. You will understand why this deck enjoys great efficiency.

Composition of the deck



mega gargoyle

witch of the night

ice spirit

Electrocution / Zap


elixir extractor

Average cost : 3,9

Difficulty : Medium

Function of cards


Giant : The first of your victory conditions. Indeed, le Giant will be your sponge, i.e. your tank throughout the game. Your goal is to place it in front so other units can do the job without being damaged. Moreover, since it has a cost of 5, it can be placed more easily than other tanks, such as the Golem.


Zappy : The second of your victory conditions. Because she is faster and benefits from the Thunderbolt nerf, she becomes interesting to take. Indeed, its strike force and range are such that she can clear anything she wants in her path, making her also effective in defense. In addition, she makes the most of the Giant, since it's a card that doesn't have that many life points.


mega gargoyle : A ubiquitous aerial map for counter the main airborne threats opposite. She can also do some good damage if left alone.


witch of the night : Nervous, it's still a card that goes well with this deck. Indeed, she is your principal mini-tank, but is also strong in attack, since it spawns Bats that can complicate the opposing defense.


ice spirit : An ideal card for facilitate the defense, destroy small troops, but also the attack, thanks to its gel. It is also very effective in addition to Zap against the Gargoyle Horde.


Electrocution / Zap : Here it is preferred to The log, to have more means to fight in the air, but also to interrupt and redirect certain units, like theArc-X for example.


Fireball : A type fashionable and efficient, capable of damaging buildings well, and some medium troops, such as three musketeers. It can also be used against Goblin Barrel and Elixir extractor. He is also good at end a game.


elixir extractor : Knowing that you are going to push with a lot of elixirs, the Extractor is there so that the task is simplified, picking up the pace. Certainly, it is counterable, but as long as it works at full speed, you will have more chance of cracking the enemy defense. However, as Surgical Goblin explains (video at the end of the guide), the fact that he can draw spells like Roquette can be an advantage, since he will no longer have it to counter Zappy and (or) your pushes.


Start / middle game (up to 1min) 

Your goal throughout the game will be to build pushes with the Giant, supporting it with one or more units. However, the entry pose would not be very smart and it is better to wait to see what the opponent can have. Indeed, in this way, you will understand with what he is going to attack and, therefore, with what you must defend.

Then you have two options: 

→ If one or more units are alive, put the Giant at deck level to make a counterattack.

→ If you have none or a spell has been used, use your elixir extractor.

If he counters the latter with the Roquette, use the Zappy may be welcome, depending on what he has. He can also use the Miner and, in this case, have theice spirit in his hand is highly practical. Otherwise, in this moment of the game, you will have less aggression and, therefore, you will be more in a counter-attack posture.

Double Elixir and Overtime

At this point in the game, you should be able to impose your game and no longer suffer from your opponent's. In this case, put the pressure with pushes GiantWith the Zappy if possible, while keeping sight of opposing offensives. You will also be less dependent on theExtractor, but keeping it upright is welcome. If there is little life left in a Tour opponent, you can use the Fireball, rotating, to finish. If you keep defending and attacking well, victory will be yours.


What is the problem / Replacements

There is one type of deck that will cause you great difficulty: the Rocket Log Bait. Indeed, the addition of the latter, of the Hell Tower and style of play will make the game complicated, without being lost in advance. the Poison, used defensively, can also be problematic. Otherwise, you should do well against the rest of the decks on the market, as long as you play correctly.

As for Replacements, it would be difficult to remove one of the cards from this deck. However, Poison can replace Fireball, if desired. If you want to play without the Night Witch, you can take theElectro-wizard Witch, To see the Mini PEKKA, whichever suits you best.



Again, a video of Clash with Ash on this deck, showing how it is played. You also have, below, the video of this same deck, but played by Surgical Goblin :




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