Cémantix 292: Clues and solution, what is the word of December 19, 2022?

Cémantix Word of the Day solution for December 19, 2022

Every day, at midnight, the site cemantix.herokuapp offers you to find the "secret word", which is most of the time a singular noun or a singular masculine adjective.

If you don't feel like looking for the word of the day or you're out of ideas, you'll find clues and the Cemantix solution of December 19, 2022.

Cémantix Word of the Day solution indices for December 19, 2022

Before giving you the solution, we offer you a series of clues, so that you can find out for yourself. 

Hint 1You are looking for a female name.

Clue 2You are looking for a word that can be offered by a manufacturer or a seller.

Hint 3You are looking for a synonym for insurance.

Solution of December 19, 2022

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Cemantix, what is it?

The game Cemantix asks you to find a secret word. To do this, you will have to find words that are close to it contextually. Each of the words has a percentage and temperature value. The closer to the word you just came up with, the warmer the temperature will be and the higher the value over 1 will increase. 

As we told you, the connection with the word is contextual, and not according to the spelling. That is to say, you will have to find which word is often used with the one you are looking for, which one has a different spelling, most likely. For this game, word proximity is based on a text-rich database of more than a billion words, according to the talk of its developer, Enigmatix. 

Of course, the words to guess are in French and must exist in common dictionaries. To prevent the difficulty from being too great, the plural and feminine versions are not counted. You will only have to look for a common noun or an adjective, in the singular. Verbs are also prohibited, but accents are imperative. You will need at least six tries before finding the famous word of the day.
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