Overwatch 2: The Winter Wonderland 2022 event has started

Overwatch 2: The Winter Wonderland 2022 event has startedOverwatch 2 recently hosted a new event. In connection with the end-of-year celebrations, this one is named "Winter Wonderland" and proposes various special game modes (limited time) as well as Rewards

Winter wonderland on Overwatch 2, date and details

The Winter Wonderland event is already available on Overwatch 2 and ends the 4 next January. Thus, for a few days, players can discover different game modes, including "Freeze Elimination", "Yeti Hunt", "Snowball Deathmatch", and "Operation Snowball", some of the details of which are as follows:
  • Operation Snowball : In this mode, the rules are those of a 6 vs. 6 Elimination game or an 8-man Deathmatch. However, Mei now shoots snowballs that can stun opponents, and not a frost flows and ice spikes.
  • Yeti Hunt : A team of 5 Mei must set traps and freeze a Yeti, stealing food and causing major damage.
  • Freezing (Overwatch 2 version of "Ice Cat"): This Elimination-type game mode invites players to freeze their opponents. Victory is achieved when a team has managed to freeze all enemies.
Obviously, who says new event says new challenges. By completing them, players will get various awards : weapon charms, profile icons, tags and many more. In this regard, note that everyone who logged into the game between December 20 and January 4 will receive a festive Crown weapon lucky charm and the 2023 profile icon.

In addition, Twitch drops are scheduled from December 25 to January 4 and allow you to claim the Garlands D.Va celebration as well as the legendary skin D.Va in sleigh. Not to mention the fact that the store offers, during this event, several promotions.

Overwatch 2 is available for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. Our opinion on the game is available If you start on the title of Blizzard, know that we have concocted a third list of the best characters.
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