Does World War Z support crossplay?

WWII was released last year on PC and consoles and the game has been doing pretty well lately. It also became free on the Epic Games Store, which greatly improved the number of players. Considering the fact that the game is available on all platforms, many gamers are wondering if it supports crossplay. Here's everything you need to know about crossplay in World War Z.

In a recent update, Saber Interactive added cross-play support for WWII. This means that players will now be able to play WWII with their friends regardless of their platform.

The update also added a number of other in-game features. The Dronemaster class allows players to equip a drone that can stun zombies when they get too close. It can be upgraded for offensive and defensive abilities to suit your liking. Apart from this, players can also try out the latest gun, the ACW-20, a semi-automatic grenade launcher.

With recent additions and the introduction of cross-play, WWII has a lot of potential to keep the player base intact and rekindle the interest of players who are already bored with the game. the game are expected in the near future and should further strengthen the player base.

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