How to play as Agamemnon in A Total War Saga: Troy

Agamemnon, leader of the Greek army during the Trojan War and brother of Menelaus, was more than happy to go to war with Troy once Paris had stolen Helen from his brother. He was a selfish ruler, powerful and hungry for more power. The way you play him in A Total War Saga: Troy reflects his need for more power, and his desire to see others line up behind him is undying. While it is essential to expand one's territory, it is also essential to add vassals to one's cause to act on its behalf.

The lion's share and the king of men

Agamemnon has two core mechanics you need to think about while playing his faction consistently. The first is the lion's share. As Agamemnon, you will receive tribute from your vassals every turn. On the Lion's Sharing screen, you can choose to receive a large lump sum of resources from a chosen vassal whenever you want. This is an effective way to earn a highly sought after chunk of bronze or a food boost for your hungry troops. You don't want to use it every turn because your vassals can turn you around quickly, but using it once in a while can propel your faction to victory.

The second unique mechanism is the king of men. The heroes Agamemnon chooses to recruit can be appointed to political positions which give him more incentive to stay in Agamemnon's good graces. In turn, by occupying these political places, Agamemnon receives bonuses for the number he fills. Heqetai positions decrease the recruitment cost of each occupied slot, Telestas decrease the action cost of priestesses and temple construction costs, and the Lawagetas position gives a rank plus two to each unit for the entire faction.

Agamemnon's style of play

Agamemnon is an aggressive leader ready to expand his territory and go to war. You won't be able to control all the regions you want to get, but you can choose to grab the ones you want and make vassals of the last cities standing. You can also choose to make allies from the strongest territories at first, but conquer the provinces leading to the Aegean. Separate smaller factions to add their provinces to your collection. You want to provide heroes with decently sized armies to fight alongside Agamemnon and choose those that can increase happiness and influence in a province to stay in harder to control regions.

With Agamemnon's Faction, you can build the heaviest units in the game, such as Agamemnon's Guards, Companions, and Mycenae Bows. Because Agamemnon will use heavier units to fight, use the tanks and lighter swordsman to flank the enemy during combat. Place any class of heavy or medium unit in front, with archers behind them, and hide lighter units to the sides. While the heaviest units will take heavy casualties early on, the fastest units can flank alongside the horses to smash their way through the enemy.

Homeric victory

Homeric victory is the special victory path that the faction leader can choose to follow. It is not a requirement for your faction to play this path. You can also complete Total War Victory Goals and win the game.

Agamemnon's specific Homeric Victory requires you to meet these conditions:

  • Destroy these factions:
    • Hector of Troy
    • Paris of Troy
    • Troy
  • Maintain at least 60% Achaean influence in these provinces:
    • Mycenaeca
    • Tirynthia
    • Argolide
    • Arcadia and Pylos
    • Aegialeia
    • Troas
    • Idea
    • Ilium
    • Daradnia
    • Melas
  • Hold this regulation:

Your ultimate goal is to see the end of Troy and the brothers Hector and Paris. Fight your way to the Aegean Sea and head to Troy, seizing it for your faction. Keep a handful of your steadfast heroes at home to protect the home front, as tensions will always rise while the king is at war.

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