Rainbow Six Extraction delays its release date to 2022

    The end of the year promised to be busy for Ubisoft, with several major titles due to land on PC and consoles, including Rainbow six extraction, after two years of a long wait. It will be less so, and the wait will be a little longer, given thatUbisoft has just announced its four-month postponement.

    Scheduled for September 16, 2021, Rainbow Six Extraction will finally arrive during the month of January 2022, without further details at this time. We will have to wait a little longer to have a more precise release date. 

    The postponement is justified on the grounds of delivering a "full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about co-op games," but the studio needs additional time. With these few more months, Ubisoft is "confident that this will allow Rainbow Six Extraction to be the immersive, cooperative and thrilling experience that we wanted to create, and the one that you aspire to. »

    We are delaying the release of Rainbow Six Extraction to January 2022.

    We will use this extra time to deliver a unique, immersive, cooperative, and exciting Rainbow Six gaming experience.


    — Rainbow 6 Extraction FR (@R6Extraction_FR) July 16, 2021 In return, we should find out a little more about Rainbow six extraction in the coming weeks. Its release is now scheduled for January 2022.
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