Sons of the Forest is postponed to 2022, a trailer is approaching

Update of 15/12/2021: The release date has been revealed, see you in May 2022. More information in this article. It is on social networks that the studio in charge of Sounds of the forest announced the bad news. Initially scheduled for release in 2021, it is only in 2022 that players will be able to discover the sequel to The Forest. According to the words of Endnight games, the game should be released between the beginning and the middle of 2022, that is still a few months of patience.

However, despite this disappointment, the studio took advantage of this announcement to share new screenshots. On the latter, we can discover that the players will have in their possession, in addition to the makeshift tools that we were able to discover in the first trailer, katanas, axes, knives, but also C4, firearms as well than riflescopes.

Otherwise, Endnight Games also indicated that a new trailer should be available in "the next few weeks"., the latter lifting the veil once and for all on the new release date of Sons of the Forest.

Hey Everyone,

Here are some screenshots from our upcoming game Sons Of The Forest.
We had hoped to have the game out this year, but need more time, so it will be early to mid 2022.
Exact date will be announced with our third trailer in the next few weeks.

— Endnight Games (@EndNightGame) October 26, 2021 Sounds of the forest was, as a reminder, announced in 2019, but has since remained very mysterious.
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