Warzone: How to get money quickly?

Warzone: How to get money quickly?Money in Warzone is essential as it will allow you to perform certain actions or receive certain bonuses. We explain in our article what are the best ways to get it quickly. Infinity Ward, in charge of publishing, and Activision, in charge of development, wanted to innovate with the battle royale mode present in Warzone. Thus players can collect money in different ways, allowing them to perform certain actions. As you can imagine, it is important, even necessary, to have a fairly substantial sum of money if you want to opt for the final victory.

What is money used for in Warzone?

Before detailing the ways of earn money, know that this one can be used in several ways. You can only use it in one place: refueling stations. These allow you to buy nine things, with a price varying according to their usefulness and their power: 
  • Armor Plate Pack: $1500
  • Manual turret: $2000 
  • Scatter Strike: $3000
  • Gas mask: $3000
  • Precision Strike: $3500
  • Drone : 4000 $
  • Self-resuscitation kit: $4500
  • Ammo box: $5000
  • Tactical Drop Marker: $6000

How to make money in Warzone?

Currently, there are three ways to earn money in Warzone : contracts, eliminations and loot. We return to each of them above, with further explanation.

The contracts 

Contracts are the quickest and most efficient way to earn money. Three different types of contracts are offered. Pillager Contracts will require you to open a series of Supply Crates, Recon Contracts will require you to secure a certain area, while the more difficult Bounty Hunter Contracts will require you to kill a specific player. You can, on average, earn $3000 by successfully completing a contract. For a detailed explanation of the contracts, go to our detailed article.


Eliminating your enemies will bring you a certain amount of money, since each killed opponent leaves on the ground a part of their gains amassed so far. If the operation can be lucrative, it is no less risky, since you can quickly be eliminated from the game.

The loot

Of course, random sums of money are scattered all over Verdansk, the map of Warzone. There is no specific location where you can find it, as it is a fairly common item. However, like Fortnite, when you are close to a chest that is sure to contain money, you will hear a very special noise. Do not hesitate to browse the surroundings to get your hands on this one.
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