When is Halo 4 PC release date?

343 Industries released the Master Chief Collection on PC a while ago, a collection of six games with each having a different release date. While the first five have already been released, Microsoft has now announced the release date for the sixth and final title in the Master Chief Collection, Halo 4.

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In its weekly blog post, 343 Industries reveals that Halo 4 public beta testing will begin “before the end of October.” That being said, he adds that dates are “always subject to change.” So there is no confirmation that it will definitely start at the end of October. There is no word on the game's release date at this time.

As for the beta, it will likely be a closed beta as this is the first beta that will take place for the game. Players who wish to try out the beta must first be a member of Halo Insider before be able to access it. Becoming a Halo Insider member is quite easy and users simply need to head to the Halo Insider page to register.

With 343 Industries already delaying Halo Infinite, fans are getting a little too impatient with the developers. However, the latest game in the Master Chief Collection is expected to get a full release this year.

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