When is HuniePop 2 expected to release?

HuniePop has become an internet sensation thanks to YouTubers who play it and cringe when things get hot and heavy for the characters they date. Thanks to successful sales, developer HuniePot finally released a HunieCam Studio spin-off game and announced a sequel for HuniePop in the books.

A new trailer has just been released with a new title HuniePop 2 Double Date, showcasing the game's new setting and that you can double date two girls. New and old characters will also make a return, bringing a variety of girls to hang out on this luxury vacation getaway.

The game's release is confirmed as 'soon', but how soon can we expect? If we were to judge by the release date of the first game, January 19th, then we might expect something like this as the first HuniePop will be released five years ago.

There's also a plausible inference that the game may release for Valentine's Day instead. As it focuses on romance, releasing HuniePop 2 on the holidays would be a smart marketing idea, as the first HuniePop got an update on the same day.

If we go even further, it would be a funny but cruel joke if the game was released in November, but that would probably stretch it because it would be a long 10 months. Or maybe the game will drop unexpectedly to confuse fans of the game.

Hopefully the “coming soon” date will be this month or next month for Valentine’s Day.

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