Why is Super Mario 3D All-Stars crashing?

Super Mario 3D was released recently and the game received a very good reception from fans and critics. The game is a collection of HD ports of the first three Supoer Mario 3D games, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario 3D.

Ha, looks like people are having crashing issues leaving Mario 64 or weird jumps and hitches in Sunshine just playing on custom firmware. I've seen people talk about this but couldn't replicate it - now I know why.https://t.co/yx2MTsOpg1

- John Linneman (@ dark1x) 18 September 2020

Some players have reported that their game crashes on their consoles. While at first the game was thought to have some sort of glitch leading to it, it was later discovered that only people with modded consoles were facing the issue. This means that if you are using a legitimate copy of the game and have not modded your console, you should be able to play the game without any issues.

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While this issue may disappoint many fans, as the legitimate copies don't work on their consoles either, modders have already found a workaround for the issue and released a patch.

Gamers should refrain from installing custom firmware on their Switch as this may not only make the system unstable but also ban the device.

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