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Find the list of all the killstreaks, Frenchified in series of eliminations, which can be unlocked in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Vanguard, with the explanations of their effects. A real boost in some cases, the killstreaks, French in elimination series, are bonuses that players can unlock by getting kills in a row, without getting killed. These bonuses can turn the tide of a game if they are used with malice, or they can definitively sign the victory of your team. 

Dance Call of Duty: Vanguard, killstreaks are of course back and three elimination series can be equipped at the same time, one per elimination category. Here below in detail all killstreaks from the title of Sledgehammer Games.

List of CoD: Vanguard killstreaks & killstreaks

  • 3 kills
    • Information → Briefly reveals nearby enemies as markers on the minimap. This information is only given to the player who requested it
  • 4 kills
    • Strategic parcels  Drops a strategic package that provides a random killstreak bonus upon opening.
    • spy plane  Deploys a spy plane that reveals enemy positions on the minimap to you and your allies. Can be shot down.
    • Counterintelligence aircraft  Deploys a counterintelligence plane that blurs the minimap of all enemies. Can be shot down.
  • 5 eliminations
    • hover bomb  A remote controlled bomb with a large kill radius.
    • mortar barrage  Sends a flare to mark the coordinates of repeated mortar fire.
    • War machine  Equip a semi-automatic grenade launcher with a limited number of grenades. You keep it after you die until you run out of ammo.
  • 6 eliminations
    • Watch dog  Call in a guard dog. You can give him the order to hold a position or to follow you.
    • Strafing → Calls for air support to straf the marked area.
  • 7 eliminations
    • Air raid  Allied bombers make three passes to bombard areas with high enemy concentrations.
    • death machine  Equip a machine gun with explosive ammo and a limited number of bullets. You keep it after you die until you run out of ammo.
  • 8 eliminations
    • Emergency airdrop  Drop three strategic packages. Each offers a random killstreak bonus upon opening.
  • 9 eliminations
    • flamenaut  Equip a protective suit and a flamethrower with unlimited supply. You lose both of these if you die.
  • 10 eliminations
    • attack dogs  Deploy a pack of ferocious attack dogs that stalk nearby enemies.
    • Firebombing → You mark a location for air support to rain down fire in a massive line that kills enemies on impact and leaves behind a flaming wake that can only be passed through by enemies when extinguished.
  • 12 eliminations
    • Local informants  When activated, reveals the location and direction of all enemies on the map.
Developers will normally add other killstreaks over time in Call of Duty: Vanguard, in which case this article will be updated.
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