Warzone: Vanguard Royale mode, what are the rules?

With Season 1 of Call of Duty: Vanguard coming, several new features are being introduced in Warzone, including the Vanguard Royale mode, which has some special features. A month after the arrival of Vanguard, it's time to welcome Season 1, which drastically changes the experience of Call of Duty: War zone, with a new map, named Caldera. Naturally, the novelties do not stop there for the battle royale, since new weapons are also introduced, as well as special modes, including Vanguard Royale.

What is Vanguard Royale?

For simplicity, Vanguard Royale is the same battle royale that we know with Warzone, with the only difference that only the content of the last episode of the Call of Duty license is available. As a result, it will not be possible to play with Modern Warfare weapons, for example. This allows you to enjoy an experience more related to the context, since Vanguard takes place in the middle of World War II, which is neither the case with Black Ops Cold War nor Modern Warfare. 

So as not to be lost if you do not know what will or will not be accessible in Vanguard Royale, here is a brief summary of things:
  • Only Vanguard weapons are available.
  • Only Frag Grenades, Molotovs, C4, and Throwing Knives are available (Claymores and Semtex are not).
  • Fighter planes are unique vehicles for this mode. Anti-aircraft guns can be used to shoot down fighter planes from the ground.
  • The bombings will occur randomly.
  • The area of ​​the first circle is larger.
To elaborate, Raven Software has shared an image giving more information on what will and will not be available in the mode. Vanguard Royale :

Warzone: Vanguard Royale mode, what are the rules?
To play the most common battle royale mode, with all vehicles and all weapons, just go to the playlist and choose the normal mode.
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