Elixir on Clash Royale, how to manage it and improve?

Our articles on Clash Royale Elixir on Clash Royale, how to manage it and improve? Have you just started Clash Royale or are you just getting back into it? We give you advice on how to properly manage your elixir in game.

While the hype of Clash Royale takes over little by little, we give you a few tips whether you are a new player or a returning veteran starting out by knowing how to properly manage your elixir during fights.

The elixir is the sinews of war in duels on Clash Royale. It is with good control that your opponent will be defeated. We have some tips for you below.

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Our tips for managing the elixir on Clash Royale

Do not waste your elixir

The key is not to never be at 10 elixir in your bar. It is always better to play small troops that cost very little elixir than to stick with ten at the risk of losing some. In the best case, you should cast your card when you have 9,5 elixir. This gives your card time to get started and not lose any.

Manage the elixir cost of your deck

The second tip is to manage your deck by not taking a deck that is too expensive! A deck that averages five elixirs won't work because you'll take too long to deploy your troops to both attack and defend. The best is to have in your deck small troops that only cost one or two elixirs to be able to defend quickly and not wait too long for the elixir to come back up.

Think before landing your troops

Use your troops wisely. For example, do not use your Spear Goblins against a Baby Dragon. You will just lose two elixirs unnecessarily whereas if you had waited a bit, you could have launched a Musketeer. Otherwise, if your hand allows it, attack on the other side at the risk of losing your turn. 

Do not play only on one side

Another important point, that of do not send all your troops to one side to play very offensive. On the one hand, you won't have any more elixir to defend if he attacks you from the other side, and on the other hand this will constitute a counter-attack to him that you will not be able to defend since you will have used all your elixir for your push.

Manage big cards

When you have very expensive cards like Golem or PEKKA, play them mainly in map background behind the King's Tower. Since these are very slow cards, they take time to attack the opponent, which will allow you, once past mid to taking aggro from the tower, accompanying them with other cards to form an effective attack. What's more, try never to run out of elixir.

Know how to manage enemy combos

The last point is how defend opponents' combos effectively without spending too much of your elixir. For example if your opponent attacks you with a combo: PEKKA - Sorcier, do not defend by sending an Army of Skeletons because it will be destroyed by the wizard instantly. Mainly use a Inferno Tower followed by a Barbarian Barrel to destroy the Sorcerer. This defense will only cost you seven elixirs against thirteen for the adversary.

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