Start well in Clash Royale, how to start well in 2022?

Our articles on Clash Royale Getting started in Clash Royale, how to start well in 2022? New to Clash Royale? Here are our tips for how to manage elixir, gold, and many other tips to get you started.

Clash Royale once again become one of the most played games by streamers. The hype train is on again! Many players have gotten into the game but don't know how to manage their account properly. 

We are going to present you with many tips to optimize your elixir, gold, gems, cards...

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Tips for getting started in Clash Royale

Manage your gold well

The most useful advice we can give you is to manage your gold well by not maxing any card. Focus your skills on a deck to practice with and improve. For other tips, refer to our other article with all the tips for know how to manage your gold well on Clash Royale.

Manage your elixir well 

The use of the elixir in combat is an essential element. It is very important not to never be at 10 elixir in your bar, even if it means playing small troops that only cost very little elixir to stay at ten. When you get used to it, you will need to cast your card when you have 9,5 elixir. This gives your card time to get started and not lose any. We invite you to read our other detailed article on know how to manage your elixir on Clash Royale.

Find your deck quickly

Your deck is what will allow you to go up in trophy and go up in arena. When you start, you obviously don't have all the cards in the game. Your deck doesn't matter. However, once in the arenas, you start acquiring new cards. Now is the time to familiarize yourself with. You will find a tier list of the best decks according to Clash Royale arenas.

Be part of a good clan

A good clan is a clan that will allow you to win clan wars. These are small tournaments between five clans which compete around four different events. At the end of these wars, you will be able to receive rewards according to your ranking. Obviously, the higher your place, the higher your reward will be. Your clan will also allow you to ask for cards. It's a good way to improve and max your cards. Be careful to ask for the cards you play and don't ask for anything. 

Keep up to date with the most played cards

It is important to look which cards are most used by players by arenas. We find for example the Hog Rider, the Fireball, the Inferno Tower, the Goblin Barrel, the Golem, the Buche, the PEKKA or the Zap used in many decks. Knowing this will allow you to know which combos to use to counter them and lead you to victory. There are several solutions for this: read our guides, watch YouTube videos or streams on Twitch!

Log in often (and if possible, every day)

Logging in often will allow you to take advantage of offers in the store. Every day you will have free rewards that vary between gold, cards or gems. It is also possible for you tobuy more advantageous offers in the shop and even the battle pass which is very profitable for its price.

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