Warzone: Get the Free Battle Pack

Warzone: Get the Free Battle PackA pack is available for free for Warzone players on PlayStation 4, and more specifically those with a PS+ subscription. As you must know, season 3 of Modern Warfare is available since April 8, and therefore it is also available on its standalone, Warzone. If this third season brings its share of novelties with, for example, the arrival of foursomes for the battle royale, new bonuses can be recovered by certain players. This is particularly the case for those who are on PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

How to get the Warzone Season 3 Combat Pack?

Nothing's easier. You just have to go directly to the PS Store, go to the Call of Duty: Warzone - Pack de Combat (by doing a search) and add it to your basket via the dedicated button. Note that it is also possible to obtain it via this link. However, as we told you above, you must be a PS+ subscriber to take advantage of the offer.

What does the Warzone Season 3 Combat Pack contain?

Eight items can be picked up with this pack. Ranging from simple skins to an XP bonus, there will be something for everyone:
  • An Epic Operator Skin for Wyatt
  • An epic sniper blueprint
  • An epic gun blueprint
  • An Epic Tactical Knife
  • An epic weapon lucky charm
  • An epic animated business card
  • A rare spray
  • A x2 Weapon EXP token lasting 60 minutes
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