4 Clash Royale arena deck, the best decks to win

Our articles on Clash Royale Deck arena 4 Clash Royale, the best decks to win Here are the strongest and most effective decks for arena 4 of Clash Royale. We offer you a list with advice!

Arena 4 is important to unlock because it has the Wizard, du PEKKA and the most powerful building, the Hell Tower. You will also unlock a very important legendary which is the Minor.

The first deck that we are going to offer you is complicated to take in hand since it does not include any tank. You just have to put damage with the Goblin Barrel and Fireball

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Deck 1: Cycle Goblin Barrel

In this deck, you don't have a tank, only the Goblin Barrel which will serve you aggressive card. La Fireball and arrows will also be present to take enemy towers. To start the fight, place your Valkyrie behind the king's tower. Since you don't have an aggressive deck, wait for the opponent to attack you first to place defense cards and make a counter attack very powerful.

In your defense, you have the Hell Tower in order to defend yourself from Giants or other so-called tank cards. You also have thearmy of skeletons which is effective surrounded by Valkyrie and Musketeer.

Deck 2: Giant Skeleton

This deck is more aggressive because it uses a tank card. To start, place the giant skeleton in the background of the map to collect elixir. Once he gets to the bridge, place your skeleton dragons Or your Valkyrie If your Skeleton reached the tower, it's won! He will drop his bomb and do blow up everything around. You can then place your tomb stone to help in the push.

La tomb stone can also and above all be played in defense because it makes it possible to rotate the tanks such as the Giants or even Riders of pigs. L'army of skeletons is also very useful to counter these cards. Place your Musketeer and your Valkyrie so as to help the tower. The Fireball can also be used to defend or end towers.

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