All games and maps in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

All games and maps in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Without argument, if users wish to succeed in Mediatonic's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, they will need to be prepared for the mini-game that will be given to them. Players will find that there are four different game types during the 60-person elimination process: Race, Survival, Team, and Finals. However, each of the 24 cards has a twist to its type, and you'll need to know in advance how to win on each of them. To help you, here's what each card entails.

Racing games

  • See Saw: A long track full of platforms that will force you to fall off the map if there are too many on each one.
  • Charts: Jump over rotating polls that push users backwards.
  • Door dashboard: Try to avoid several false doors on this fairly short track.
  • Door crash: Jump over moving walls, but some work much faster than others.
  • The Whirlygig: Windmills and polls swarm the map, all of which move quickly. Warning: do not take the middle path.
  • Slime Climbing: A typical run, however, the slime slowly drowns out and eliminates those left behind.
  • Fruit drop: Quickly climb a steep hill while having gigantic fruits thrown at you.
  • Dizzy Heights: Spinning platforms make up the map, anything that tries to chase players away.
  • Tiptoe: Slowly find out which boards in front of you are wrong. If you step on it, the panel will fall and eliminate you.

survival games

  • Tail tag: Tear yourself away from others, as those who have none when time expires are over.
  • To party: Balance on a large cylinder that has many holes you can fall through.
  • Jump club: Probably the toughest obstacle on two rotating polls until 11 players fell.
  • Perfect match: Stand on signs that display a certain fruit. If you can't do it in time, you won't continue.
  • Block Party: Stay on a platform and avoid the blocks falling off the cliff - otherwise you will too.

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Team game

  • Jinxed: The first of the three teams to be fully tagged is eliminated.
  • Rock n Roll: Similar to curling, three teams race to get their own ball to the finish line before the others.
  • Egg Scramble: Three groups fight to collect the most eggs in the middle of the map. The team with the least is finished.
  • Hoarders: Teams fight to keep the giant volleyballs in their area. The one with the fewest balls will not qualify for the next round.
  • Daisy hoops: Jump through the fastest moving hoops, or your team is eliminated.
  • Team tail label: Much like the Survival Tail Tag, the color with the fewest tails loses.
  • Fall Ball: A fast-paced soccer match, where players will need to score the most to qualify.

Final games

  • Autumn Mountain: A racing-themed hill, which requires you to get a crown at the finish line to be the winner.
  • Hex-A-Gone: Like Tip Toe, players must stay on the correct panels, or drop out to see their elimination.
  • Royal Fumble: The last remaining fight for the only tail on the map, but only the winner will have it when time expires.

Mediatonic will release more minigames over time, so expect this list to grow soon. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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