Dragon Age 4 would "probably" release after fiscal year 2022

    Dragon Age 4 would First subtly announced at the Game Awards last year, long before the release of Anthem, its critically acclaimed third-person shooter, Dragon Age 4 was said to be BioWare's top priority now. albeit picking up on some established codes within Anthem. We were able to get our hands on information indicating that the title was only in the pre-production phase, but the release not being for tomorrow, being itself unknown to the studio, a significant waiting period will be imposed.

    On a quarterly investor call to discuss Electronic Arts' fiscal 2020 second quarter results, Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Black Jorgensen Says Next Dragon Age Could "Probably" Release After Fiscal Year 2022, meaning it won't be released anytime before April 1, 2022.
    You should expect Dragon Age - it already exists, we've talked about it publicly - to probably come out after the 2022 fiscal year. multi-year orientation. So I don't want to start giving guidance for fiscal year 2023 now that I've started hinting at 2022, but you should assume that it will be released around this time and that plans are underway for this product.

    - Black Jorgensen, chief operating officer and administrative and financial director of Electronic Arts. It could therefore be that EA wishes to grant more time than necessary to BioWare so that the studio can develop Dragon Age 4 in optimal conditions. It is possible, once again, to imagine the magnitude of the project according to the importance given to it by both the publisher and the developer, justifying a long period in the hands of the multiple employees of the firm.

    In any case, there is a good chance that this Dragon Age 4 will not be released on the current generation, thus benefiting from a release exclusively on PC, Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. Regardless, repercussions are bound to be felt on Anthem as development progresses as resources given to the shooter will be requisitioned for the fourth Dragon Age installment.
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