All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2's open world shines as bright as its story. Dozens of smaller side quests bring the game to life. Legendary Beast Hunt is a series of several of these side quests. It's completely optional, but it's a nice and rewarding aspect of the game. Unlike regular animals, like grizzly bears, cougars, bucks, or moose, that roam the map, legendary animals don't descend easily, and those who fight back will do all the fighting. Better to come prepared.

Legendary animals have been a mechanic since the first Red Dead Redemption where players faced powerful versions of wildlife in miniature boss battles. Each of them had their own unique names. While the encounters are similar, Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary animals do not get unique titles.

There are 16 legendary animals (not including legendary fish). Finding them is a task in itself. The game gives you a special map, but frankly, it's hard to read in places. We have a list of all locations, and the in-game map will be marked with an indicator when zoomed in enough. Finding the location is not enough. The animal will only appear when the player starts following it.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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Hunt for legendary animals

Hunting one of the legendary animals can be a daunting task. Unlike following the usual white-tailed buck through the forest, hunting legendary animals will spawn different indicators and trails for players to follow. Players will encounter golden markers, such as bones, feces, or other indicators. These glow yellow when in Eagle Eye, so they're easy to spot. For those familiar with Red Dead Online, it's the same mechanic as following clues on a bounty target.

First, upon entering the general location, the game will inform players that they have entered the territory of legendary animals. If you do not receive this notification, leave the area, spend a few days at camp, and return. Once this notification pops up, finding the first clue will begin the process, but the pet can't spawn until a few more clues. Arthur will have auditory clues that will indicate when the creature appeared or not. Upon finding the first clue, it will reference that the trail is cold and has been missing for some time. Keep following until he says a variation of "Okay, where are you?" in his typical cowboy voice.

Some of the legendary pets are tied to content walls and stories and can only be found after completing the associated mission or achievements.

All legendary animals drop special items and skins. Bringing them to the Trapper will unlock new clothing options. When you can, also bring the carcass. Don't worry about the quality of the skin. Unlike normal animals, all legendary animals will drop perfect pelts, so don't worry about riddle them with bullets because you will have to. Generally, carnivores are hostile and will attack on sight. Herbivores are not and will run.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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Le grizzli Bharati

  • Location: Grizzlies East, just north of the road by O'Creagh's Run.
  • Drops: Legendary Bear Pelt and Legendary Bear Claw
  • Habits: Legendary Bear Head Hat, Legendary Bear Roper, Legendary Bear Coat, Bear Claw Talisman.

The Bharati grizzly bear is the first legendary animal players have access to in the game. It is unlocked in Chapter 2 by completing the mission “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego”. Upon completing the mission, players can choose to continue hunting the legendary bear or return to it later with better guns and increased health, stamina, and a dead eye.

The Grizzly Bharati is in Grizzlies East, just off the path from O'Creagh's Run. The bear will drop the Legendary Bear Hide and Legendary Bear Claw. The pelt can be used to craft clothing from the trader, but players will need other pelts from other animals to complete the Bear Bear set. The claw can be used to craft a talisman of the fence and will need a silver chain bracelet and a piece of quartz to complete.

Don't forget that Photo Mode is now available and allows players to get amazing shots when battling predators such as the Legendary Bear.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary beaver

  • Location: Roanoke Ridge (East New Hanover), south of Elysian Pool. Follow the Kamassa River past Butcher Creek.
  • Drops: Legendary Beaver Pelt and Legendary Beaver Tooth
  • Habits: Legendary Beaver Flop Hat, Legendary Beaver Gloves, and Beaver Tooth Jewel.

After “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego”, other legendary animals can be accessed. Not all, but many can now be hunted.

The Legendary Beaver is located south of the Elysian Pool in Roanoke Ridge. Unlike the Legendary Bear above, this one isn't going to rip your throat out, so you may feel a little safer while following it. The beaver spawns near the river. He is bright white and should be easy to recognize from other beavers in the area. It's not as solid as the Predators on this list and should come down with a good hit.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary Big Horn ram

  • Location: Grizzlies West, par Cattail Pond
  • Drops: Legendary Ram Hide and Legendary Ram Horn
  • Habits: Legendary Batwing Ram Chaps, Legendary Ram Hat, Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves, Legendary Buck Vest, and Ram Horn Jewel.

The legendary Big Horn Ram is located northwest of Valentine near Cattail Pond. As with the other animals, the Legendary Ram has a lighter coat and is larger than the others and will be easy to spot if there are others of the same species in the area. In Eagle Eye, when tracking it, it flashes once it spawns. The ram drops several items that can be crafted in different parts of the clothing sets. Because it can be used for multiple things, consider planning the game you want before creating.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The Legendary Boar

  • Location: Bluewater Marsh, north of Lagras.
  • Drops: Legendary boar hide and legendary boar tusk.
  • Habits: Legendary Boar and Bison Birds, Legendary Boar Flop Hat, Boar Tusk Talisman.

The Legendary Boar can be found in Bluewater Swamp. As a herbivore, it won't attack you like most others on the list. The Legendary Boar is larger and lighter than others around it to help distinguish it from the herd. Head towards Lagras then continue north along the road. Watch for alligators.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary male

  • Location: Black Bone Forest in the Great Valley, northwest of Strawberry.
  • Drops: Legendary Buck Skin and Legendary Antler Buck
  • Habits: Gants Legendary Buck & Fox Range, Legendary Buck Vest et Buck Antler Trinket.

In terms of looks, the Legendary Buck is the best. This legendary animal is a magpie male with splashed white and brown fur. It can be found in Big Valley, northwest of Strawberry. Big Valley covers a wide area on the map, and the Buck should be near Black Bone Forest, located north of Owanjila but south of Little Creek River. Since it is a beautiful animal, use the photo mode and take some cool photos before removing it.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary Bullgator

  • Location: Bayou Black
  • Drops: Legendary Alligator Hide and Legendary Alligator Tooth
  • Habits: Legendary Alligator Fowlers, Legendary Alligator Vest, Legendary Alligator Gambler Hat, and Alligator Tooth Talisman.

The Legendary Bullgator is another legendary animal locked behind a wall of content. He appears in the Chapter 4 mission “Country Pursuits” when he attacks the gang in the swamp. As with the Legendary Bear, the mission introduces the Bullgators to players and encourages them to prepare.

After the mission is completed, players can hunt the Bullgator. It should be easy to recognize after playing the mission. The Bullgator is a massive albino alligator that roams Bayou Nwa. Since it is a predator, it is dangerous and it will charge at the player. He's more durable than other alligators in the area and will take a lot more hits to kill, so be prepared if he charges at you. The size and speed of the gator can quickly overpower an unprepared player.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The Legendary Cougar

  • Location: Gaptooth Ridge, New Austin
  • Drops: Legendary Cougar Pelt and Legendary Cougar Fang
  • Habits: Legendary Cougar and Wolf Vest, Legendary Cougar Riding Gloves, Legendary Cougar Flop Hat, and Fang Cougar Trinket.

The Legendary Cougar is also locked behind a wall of content, but not in the same way as the Bear and the Bullgator. The Cougar can only be found in New Austin. Without using a cheat or exploiting a glitch, New Austin is only available to the player in the Epilogue.

Cougars are quite dangerous in Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Legendary Cougar is king. This hostile cat will not hesitate to charge at the player chasing it. Be ready to defend yourself if you don't kill him before your Dead Eye ends. The Legendary Cougar is located in Gaptooth Ridge, east of Tumbleweed, in the far corner of the map. The previous Legendary Animals are marked by their white fur, but the Legendary Cougar sports black fur, which makes it all the more fun if you hunt it at night.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The Legendary Coyote

  • Location: Scarlet Meadows, Lemoyne
  • Drops: Legendary Coyote Pelt and Legendary Coyote Fang
  • Habits: Legendary Coyote Mountain Hat, Legendary Coyote Half Chaps and Coyote Fang Jewel.

Compared to other predators, the legendary Coyote is docile. It spawns in the Scarlet Meadows area in Lemoyne. The Legendary Coyote is a large black coyote roaming around the dry river bed in the Scarlet Meadows area. Once you find the first clue, the tracks should keep you close to this ravine until the animal appears.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary elk

  • Location: Cumberland Forest
  • Drops: Legendary Elk Hide and Legendary Elk Antler
  • Habits: Legendary Elk Moccasins, Legendary Elk Half Chaps, Legendary Elk Range Gloves, and Antk Elk Bauble.

The Legendary Elk is a huge white elk located in the Cumberland Forest northeast of Valentine. Elk will spawn at the edge of the forest near Bacchus Station and Fort Wallace. The terrane is rough with mountains, rocks and cliffs so crossing it could be a problem. The elk will take several hits to kill, but it is not difficult to take down.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary fox

  • Location: Mattock Pond in Lemoyne
  • Drops: Legendary Fox Hide and Legendary Fox Claw
  • Habits: Legendary Fox Moccasins, Legendary Buck and Fox Gloves, and Fox Claw Trinket

A small, docile white animal, the Legendary Fox breeds near Mattock Pond in the Scarlet Meadows area of ​​Lemoyne. The pond is located a little north of Rhodes. Due to its size, it is not difficult to hunt and will not attack. The white coat will stand out against the foliage of the forest. It is one of the easiest legendary animals.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary moose

  • Location: Roanoke Ridge, northernmost part of the map, after Brandywine Drop
  • Drops: Legendary Moose Hide and Legendary Moose Antler
  • Habits: Legendary Moose Hunting Jacket, Legendary Moose Moccasins, and Moose Antler Trinket

Fortunately, unlike a real moose, Red Dead Redemption 2 the moose will not charge the player. This massive megafauna is found high above Annesburg, past the Brandywine drop at Roanoke Ridge. Clues will lead players back and forth on the train tracks until they appear on the north side at the water's edge. Other moose and elk may appear in the area. The Legendary Moose is marked by its enormous size, massive antlers, and shiny white coat. It can fire a lot of shots and if not killed immediately it will work. Just be thankful that he's more docile than the real animal and won't use his size.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary Pronghorn

  • Location: Rio Bravo, par Rio Del Lobo Rock
  • Drops: Legend's horn skin and legend's horn horn
  • Habits: Legendary Crow Coat, Legendary Legend Horn Range Gloves, Horn Horn Jewel

The Legendary Pronghorn can only be hunted after the first chapter of the epilogue, without using any exploits or mods. Tracking the Legendary Pronghorn is the same as other herbivores, but with a change of scenery. Pronghorn spawns abundantly in New Austin. The legendary Pronghorn is distinguished by its size and pure white coat. Some standard fungals appear with lighter than average coats, but do not appear white.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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Tatanka's legendary bison

  • Location: Hennigan's Stead, southeast of MacFarlane Ranch
  • Drops: Legendary Bison Tatanka Bison Pelt and Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn
  • Habits: Legendary Boar and Buffalo Birds, Legendary Buffalo Wing Hunts, Legendary Buffalo Vest, Tatanka Buffalo Horn Jewel

Because the legendary bison Tatanka is also found in New Austin, the animal can only be hunted after completing the first epilogue chapter, "The Wheel". If players have hunted previous animals that were available earlier, they will be familiar with the bison research process. Tracks are sometimes hard to see and toggling Eagle Eye will help players find the track. Unlike the white bison in the north, the Tatanka bison are black and hidden in foliage and shadows.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary white bison

  • Location: West Grizzlies, north of Lake Isabella
  • Drops: Legendary white bison hide and legendary bison horn
  • Habits: Legendary White Buffalo Hat, Legendary White Buffalo Coat, Buffalo Horn Talisman

The legendary white bison has an added temperature challenge. Be prepared with your best cold weather gear. Bison spawn north of Lake Isabella in the snow-capped mountains of Grizzlies West. The animal is massive with dark, off-white fur. And since other bison don't spawn in the area, it will be easy to spot them. Watch for wolves.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary wolf

  • Location: Grizzlies East, near the Cotorra Springs Geysers
  • Drops: Legendary Wolf Hide and Legendary Wolf Heart
  • Habits: Legendary cougar and wolf vest, legendary wolf bat wing chaps, wolf heart jewelry

The Legendary Wolf spawns in Cotorra Springs, Grizzlies East Geysers. It's best to follow it slowly and maybe cover your scent with items as the wolf is more than happy to fight. The wolf will howl and crouch before attacking, giving players plenty of clues to get ready. Since there isn't much geyser cover, you should have a clear view of the animal. The fur is darker than the average wolf.

All Legendary Animal Locations | Red Dead Redemption 2
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The legendary panther Giaguaro

  • Location: Scarlet Meadows, Lemoyne, par Shady Belle
  • Drops: Legendary Panther Skin and Legendary Panther Eye
  • Habits: Legendary Panther Cloak, Legendary Panther Range Gloves, Panther Eye Jewel

The Giaguaro Panther appears last on the list because it is part of a challenge. The only way to access the animal is to reach rank nine in the Master Hunter Challenge. The last task in this challenge is to hunt the panther. By killing the panther, players will reach rank 10 of the Master Hunter challenge.

The Giaguaro Panther is more difficult than the others. Unlike previous legendary animals that await the player in the open, the Giaguaro Panther is hidden in foliage and will attempt to attack the player. Even the keenest of eyes may have trouble spotting it thanks to the amount of cover and its dark coat. It should run at the player but if its first attack doesn't kill it is vulnerable to weapons as it repositions itself for another strike.

These are all the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of them follow the same tracking process, and hunting herbivores will be repetitive as they pose no threat. Carnivores will offer a challenge when trying to bite the player. Good luck, hunters. You may need it.

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