Battlefield 2042: Season 1 will finally launch in early 2022

    With Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE want to review their way of doing things, by offering rich content, over the long term. Although Battlefield V was rich in updates, these were not necessarily released at a regular rate, and did not promote player loyalty. For this new episode, the developers have chosen to introduce content on a seasonal basis, with no less than four seasons in its first year, adding many new features, but also a Battle Pass and exclusive rewards.

    Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more weeks after the release of Battlefield 2042 to take advantage of this new way of seeing things, since the developers have explained that season 1 will not be launched before the beginning of the year 2022. EA and DICE no doubt want to take the time to fix the few issues that players will face in the first few weeks of play and to ensure that the FPS is perfectly balanced before embarking on a long journey of content, updates and improvements of all kinds. Note that Portal mode will also be affected by the addition of new features.

    The good news, however, is that to wait until the launch of season 1, players will be able to enjoy a pre-season, offering "weekly missions and rewards as well as limited-time modes", just to take control of BF 2042 without pressure.

    We'll know more about the content of the seasons in due course. In the meantime, we recall that Battlefield 2042 arrives this November 19, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series. You can get it while saving some money, thanks to our partner Instant Gaming, offering it to you on the following platforms:
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