Create your own 2D Mario game in the latest Super Mario Maker 2 update

    Create your own 2D Mario game in the latest Super Mario Maker 2 update

    Last night, Nintendo dropped a surprise announcement covering Super Mario Maker 2's latest content update. Super Mario Maker 2's finale is World Maker.

    World Maker lets you string together a handful of courses on a Super Mario World-style map, then string together up to eight. Essentially, you're creating your own 2D Mario game here.

    You'll choose from a number of classic background styles, like snow, cave, and volcano. Moreover, you can organize the courses however you want – straight path to the goal, bonus stages hidden on the map or close to anything you can dream of.

    And you can create in many other ways now. Super Mario Maker 2's final big update introduces over a dozen new items. These are limited to certain styles and include:

    • Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushroom (lets you pick up enemies; works in SMB theme)
    • Clé qui invoque Phanto (same)
    • Super Mario Bros.3 Frog suit (allows you to easily swim and run on water)
    • Super Mario World balloon (fly slowly in the air)
    • Super Mario Bros.U Super Acorn (glide through the air)
    • Boomerang Flower (Super Mario 3D World only)
    • Cannon Box (Super Mario 3D World only)
    • Propeller Box (Super Mario 3D World only)
    • Red Pow Box (destroys multiple blocks, Super Mario 3D World only)
    • Goomba Mask (avoid enemies, Super Mario 3D World only)
    • Bullet Bill mask (flying horizontally, Super Mario 3D World only)

    As if that weren't enough, the update introduces all seven Koopalings, each with different behaviors and skills. However, they are not compatible with the 3D World style. They are accompanied by the enemy Mechakoopa, in the normal form of shooting and laser shooting; they also fly in nocturnal stages. Like Koopalings, Mechakoopas are not compatible with 3D world scenes.

    Finally, there's the trampoline on/off switch for 3D World, which turns certain platforms into super inflatable trampolines.

    It's one hell of a final update, though we're a bit disappointed that there isn't a final style to fill that enticing void alongside Super Mario 3D World. Still, between that, The Legend of Zelda update and SMM2 being pretty good on its own, there's a lot to dig into here.

    Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario Maker 2 news as it develops.

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