Dead Cells: The 2022-2023 roadmap revealed

The roguelike from French studio Motion Twin, Dead Cells, was released in 2018 on most gaming platforms. Since its official launch, the title has enjoyed a real following from its developers. In this sense, the studio has recently deployed the “Breaking Barriers” update, making the software more accessible thanks to several new features. In addition, at the beginning of July, patch 30.0, bringing a new weapon and a new outfit, among other things, arrived.

New features to come, until 2023, on Dead Cells

However, Motion Twin has not said its last word and intends to continue its follow-up of Dead Cells, until 2023. Indeed, the studio has recently unveiled a roadmap of, showcasing upcoming content on the roguelike.

According to the information shared, the developers are currently working on the "Boss Rush" mode, which should land in the fall. This winter, players will be able to discover new in-game elements, but we don't yet know exactly what they are.

Finally, Motion Twin promises that 2023 will be "the most exciting year in the history of Dead Cells". Regarding this, in a recent post on the game's page on Steam, the studio wrote: "As we approach 2023, we won't slow things down, in fact, we will speed things up. This will be, by far, our biggest year since the launch of version 1.0 and we are excited to show you what we have been preparing behind the scenes.”

Dead Cells: The 2022-2023 roadmap revealed
For the moment, the studio has not given more details. Chances are Motion Twin will share more details, in the coming weeks or months. Of course, we will be there to keep you informed. 

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