Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022

Comics originating in Japan, manga developed rapidly in the West. So much so that the first two countries that consume the most manga are Japan and France. Thus integrated into our popular culture, they come to slightly upset the codes, since they are read, in fact, from right to left. Furthermore, due to the high rate of publication and to limit the cost of printing, most manga are drawn in black and white, aside from the cover.
This year, whether manga is a discovery for you, or simply to know what to turn to for Christmas, here is a selection among the titles that we have discovered this year at Glenat. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list and do not hesitate to add, in the space dedicated to comments, your favorite titles in order to guide other readers. 

Shangri-La Frontier (Shonen)

Have you ever installed a video game with a wobbly scenario, which does not seem finished or even littered with problems? Know that Sunraku is passionate about it. He commonly calls them "dung" and dedicates his life to trying them to brag that he has finally mastered them. However, after being confronted with one of the biggest "dung" of his generation, he changed his tune and decided to take an interest in MMORPG Shangri-La Frontier, a “Greatest Of All Time” with thirty million players. Is he really prepared for what awaits him?

Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022
What is very interesting in the writing of Shangri-la frontier it is his popularization of MMORPG. Indeed, if the title is aimed at a specialized readership, the author takes the opportunity to initiate the most neophytes. All specific words or terms are accompanied by an asterisk to obtain a simplified explanation. Even if that's not enough, the chapter introductory pages are packed with information for a summary of the story and key points to memorize.

More information in our presentation article: “Manga: Shangri-La Frontier, opinion and discovery”.

Sakamoto Days (Shonen)

Taro Sakamoto achieved the feat of becoming a legendary assassin, feared by all gangsters. However, he ends up being caught by a feeling that is as new as it is legendary which is none other than… love! His life is totally turned upside down, he retires and even a little weight. Sakamoto is now the owner of a small neighborhood grocery store and lives happy days with his family. But when his past catches up with him in the guise of Shin, a young telepathic assassin, Sakamoto returns to service...  Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022 Sakamoto days leaves very little time for respite and the actions come and go in unison to keep the reader awake. The protagonist is, moreover, not the most talkative. Thus, changes in tone are associated with situation comedy, while approximate narration is left to the care of the additional characters whether they are friends or foes. Finally, it's a real tangle of onomatopoeia able to add sound to the boards and make the action more immersive.  

More information in our presentation article: “Manga: Sakamoto Days, review and discovery”.

Fool Night (His)

Without any explanation, a thick cloud appeared in the previous century, preventing the sun from shining on the Earth. Ever since, humans have been living an endless winter night while suffering the consequences. This is how, deprived of the sun, most plants perished. As oxygen became scarce, humanity placed its hopes in the technique of "transfloration", consisting in transforming a human into a plant. Toshiro, with no future and tired of life, will choose to turn into a plant. However, this operation is not without consequence and lets him take advantage of unsuspected talents.
Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022
In addition to the planetary situation, the subjects covered are difficult and highlight the human condition in the event of a natural disaster. The general atmosphere mixes pessimism and harshness in the heart of a disastrous world. However, the latter keeps some of its secrets in order to keep you alert and curious. 

More information in our presentation article: “Manga: Fool Night, opinion and discovery”.

Trillion Game (His)

A most unlikely duo is formed when Haru, a strategist king of elocution, meets Gaku, a shy geek, but full of hidden skills. Our two friends will work together for an ultimate objective will be to accumulate a trillion dollars. According to them, it's enough to get everything the world can offer!

Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022
Each situation offers a plan for reflection, both on human relations and on the opportunities that arise from it. Encountered events navigate gracefully between humor, seriousness and a touch of extravagance. However, the author knows how to keep the reader in suspense by leaving room for the realism of action, making it possible.

The scenario is accompanied by controlled and balanced drawings, in order to appeal to an adult audience, who can more easily identify. They are not lacking in resources, however, and easily highlight the feelings of the characters as well as their questions. to make the adventure even livelier. Thus, despite its conditioning to the universe of seinen, the story does not drown in a dark universe and knows how to bring some touches of derision and spirit.

More information in our presentation article: “Manga: Trillion Game, review and discovery”. Furthermore, Ryoichi Ikegami will be present at the Angoulême festival at the end of January 2023.

Choujin X (Shonen)

If the term hero often rhymes with justice and beneficence, Choujin X literally breaks the codes by integrating an unhealthy balance between shadow and light. In 1998, people with mutations and qualified as superhumans become so numerous that the world is seen divided into autonomous provinces. Ely, a Tomatoei farmerand two high school students Tokio Kurohara et Azuma Higashi who usually play vigilante against small neighborhood thugs, see their twisted destinies following a significant event. 

Glénat: Our manga selection for Christmas 2022
Despite a dark background, the manga knows how to combine all the emotions to give a heart to the work. All is not black, although the tension is palpable over the pages and the protagonists maintain human and coherent reasoning. We can laugh with them, share their facial expressions, both physical and moral, and quickly understand the life they lead as well as their relationships. 

More information in our presentation article: “Manga: Choujin X, opinion and discovery”.

One Piece (Shonen)

We are in the era of pirates. Mischievous boy Luffy dreams of becoming the Pirate King by finding le « One Piece », a fabulous treasure. Only, Luffy swallowed a devil fruit that turned him into an elastic man. Since then, he has been able to contort his body in all directions, but he has lost the ability to swim. With the help of his precious friends, he will have to face fearsome pirates in ever more incredible adventures.

Launched in France in 2000 (in 1997 in Japan), One Piece sold over 31,8 million copies in France since its publication. Every year, for 11 years, it has been the number 1 manga sales series.

In 2021, it alone represents 9,22% of the manga market in France. Worldwide, the circulation of this mythical series amounts to more than 500 million copies.

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