GTA Online : Les récompenses GTA+ de mai 2022

GTA Online : Les récompenses GTA+ de mai 2022

May 2022 GTA+ Rewards

Rockstar has just shared new information regarding May rewards for GTA+, his subscription for GTA V multiplayer, allowing you to recover some bonuses, in exchange for 5,99 €. Here is what you can recover for this month of May 2022: 
  • 500 000 GTA$
  • La Grotti Brioso R/A (sur le Southern San Andreas Super Autos website)
  • A Hao's Special Works upgrade for the Grotti Brioso R/A
  • Early access to HSW patterns and upgrades for the Grotti Brioso R/A
  • The XXL glasses with red lenses, the red bracelets and the red arabesque indoor jacket
  • The Red Split Camo pattern for the Übermacht Cypher
  • Double GTA$ in all security contracts
  • Earn x 1,5 in GTA$ and RP for Nightclub Owners for selling accumulated goods in their establishment's warehouse
  • Double GTA$ in Kart Krash mode: it's a ball

What is GTA+?

As indicated above, Rockstar launched this program at the end of March to retain its players and reward those who are the most active. In exchange for a sum, €5,99, the player will recover, every month, his batch of bonuses of all kinds, in particular 500 GTA$, but also various modifications for the character and vehicle.

Each month, GTA+ will provide a new set of exclusive rewards to subscribers, which they will need to collect from Legendary Motorsport, Hao's Special Works, Maze Bank Foreclosures, DockTease, or other stores available through the GTA Online web browser. The content, in particular cosmetics, will vary every month. The subscription can be terminated at any time, specifies Rockstar.

Good or bad news, the offer is only available on the next-gen, namely PS5 and Xbox Series. Therefore, if you play on the old generation, or on PC, you will not be able to subscribe to this offer. It's a safe bet, however, that this subscription will eventually come to PC.
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