Lumberjack Balloon Deck Clash Royale 2022

Our articles on Clash Royale Lumberjack Balloon Deck Clash Royale 2022 Lumberjack Balloon Deck Clash Royale 2022 The deck made up of the Balloon and the Lumberjack is one of the best known and hardest to defend in Clash Royale. We detail how to play them.

The deck consisting of Ball and woodcutter is one of the most effective and most played on Clash Royale. Once launched on the ground, it is extremely rare to come out alive. On the one hand, the woodcutter take the tower's aggro and the Ball follows it. When the Lumberjack is eliminated, he delivers the potion of rage and destroy the tower opposite.

This Lumberjack / Balloon deck is made up of the woodcutter, Ball, In theElectro-Mind, Bats, mega snowball, Ice Golem, Musketeer and Barbarian Barrel.

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What cards for the Balloon and Lumberjack deck on Clash Royale?

Lumberjack Balloon Deck Clash Royale 2022Lumberjack - Balloon - Electro-Spirit - Bats - Mega Snowball - Ice Golem - Musketeer - Barbarian Barrel

In using this deck, it's important not to let your opponent rest. This is why it is necessary send your combo first. You will first send your Lumberjack followed by your Balloon. The opposing tower will then take the aggro from the woodcutter and when he is eliminated, will pour out his Rage spell allowing the Balloon going faster towards the tower to inflict damage on him. These are the only cards that will lead you to victory. The other cards will only be there for you defend against enemy attacks. You can use your Electro-mind in your push Balloon, Lumberjack to destroy, for example, the Bats, Goblins or even the Hell Tower.

For the defense, you find the Ice Golem allowing you to divert opponent's cards such as Princes. The small cards you will use will be to cycle your cards. 

The weak point of your deck is that your push costs you 9 elixirs. This means that you have to analyze your opponent to be sure that he has nothing to defend you with and enough elixirs to attack you from the other side.

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