Red Dead Online: July 2022 Rewards

Red Dead Online: July 2022 RewardsAs GTA Online continues to be powered by players, through a few small weekly updates and, from time to time, major additions, those who are on the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2 remain unsatisfied. Indeed, it's been a while since Rockstar gave them a worthy update, sometimes skipping weekly updates, resulting in community dissatisfaction. As in previous months, Rockstar Revealed July Bonuses In One Go, without any additions.

Red Dead Online bonuses in July

This month of July will notably allow you to recover twice as much XP and gold in "Call to Arms".. Exploration mode missions will also be lucrative, again with double RDO$ and XP. Additionally, Rockstar specifies bounty hunter missions allow to receive twice as much character and role XP. If you want even more rewards, you can ransack gang lairs.

Finally, in addition to the various promotions, here is the program of other rewards for featured series, allowing you to win three times as much RDO$:
  • July 5 – 11 → explosive series
    • Dig up the hatchet and participate in Call to Arms this week to take advantage of an offer for a 50% discount on the LeMat revolver
    • Reach Wave 8 or higher on any Call to Arms map this week to walk away with an offer for a free Small Game Rifle
  • July 12 – 18 → Extreme Public Enemy series
    • Defend the innocent and your allies against waves of attackers in Call to Arms this week to receive an offer for a 40% discount on the shotgun of your choice
    • Players familiar with Criminal Activities who complete at least one Blood Price contract and Blood Price opportunity this week will receive the Red Gardenia Hat as a reward
  • July 19 – 25 → Plunder and Extreme War Chest series
    • All Call to Arms attendees this week will get an offer for 30% off any weapon to reward them for their efforts against the hordes of outlaws
    • Intrepid Travelers who complete 2 Explore mode events will receive a new jacket: the blue Charro jacket for men and the blue Ballard jacket for women
  • July 26 – August 1 → Extreme Last Survivor series
    • End the month on a high by playing Call to Arms to enjoy a reward for a free weapon component
    • Players who join a permanent party to play Call to Arms will receive the red colored Shaffer Leggings as a thank you for doing their duty
As you will have noticed, the monthly bonuses are a bit meager. Let's hope August is different.
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