Tips and Tricks for Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile was released a few days ago, and we had a chance to try it out and share our first thoughts and impressions in our review. Recently, everyone has been asking for tips and tricks to start progressing in this wonderful MMORPG. We decided to share some of our experiences and compile a list of tips and tricks for newbies to the game.

1) Always do your daily tasks

Daily Tasks can often be overlooked or skipped, but these will provide you with consistent and easy-to-get rewards, so you should try your best to complete them every day. Most of the time, you'll be able to complete many of these tasks just by playing, but be sure to check your tasks from time to time to see if there's anything you've missed.

2) Build your camp and recruit workers

As soon as you unlock your camp, be sure to check out the tutorial on it and instantly start creating buildings and recruiting workers. Also, be sure to upgrade buildings and make sure none of your employees are idle. Always focus on the maximum number of workers you can and make sure to keep them busy. Managing your camp is extremely important as you will be able to gain valuable resources from it, which will help you progress faster and reach the endgame much sooner. Also, be sure to check your Refinery from time to time and pick up the Black Stones it produces, as they will help upgrade your gear.

3) Improve your life skills

Your life skills can have a huge impact on your progress, so be sure to level them up as you progress in Black Desert Mobile. Focus on leveling up Foraging, Logging, and Mining. Fishing is also very useful, but is not as important as the other three. Also, since these activities use up your stamina, make sure you are never capped on stamina and prioritize stamina usage for these skills. This should provide you with additional resources that will help you progress through the game faster.

4) Prioritize the main quest line from the start

At the start of the game, you should focus on the main storyline, as this will allow you to unlock the additional content that the game has to offer much faster. Not only that, but some nice item rewards are obtained by doing the main questline (which is quite long by the way), and these items will be a big help when leveling up. As mentioned earlier, most additional content is locked behind your progress in the main questline, and unlocking a game should be one of your early game goals.

5) Focus on gaining contribution experience

Contribution experience is very important at the start of Black Desert Mobile because it will allow you to recruit additional workers, and is pretty much mandatory in order to gather resources and improve your camp faster. You'll get a decent amount of contribution experience by doing the main questline, which is another reason why you should prioritize it early on in the game. Also, check the pub occasionally to see which workers are available to hire. These will reset quite often, so be sure to grab the rarer ones when they appear.

6) Often buy The crystals from the NPC in town

Magic crystals will serve as another way to improve your character. These can often be purchased from NPCs in towns, so be sure to check their stocks from time to time and purchase any available crystals. They usually sell low quality cheap glasses, but despite that, you would want to buy every crystal they have to offer. The reason for this is that you can merge them to create higher quality crystals, but to do this you will need a lot of them, which is why you should buy magic crystals from vendors whenever they are available.

7) Use the market to your advantage

Black Desert Mobile allows you to trade with other players through the market system. This basically means that you can sell the items you don't need and you can also buy some of the items you are missing from other people using this feature. However, be careful when doing this, as sometimes it's best to use unwanted items and let your Black Spirit absorb them. This will increase its level, which will open up additional quests and options. However, you'll definitely want to sell whatever expensive items you eventually find, so check out each higher-quality item before you let your mind absorb it.

8) Be sure to maintain your pets

Pets in Black Desert Mobile can give you various bonuses, and you can increase them as you progress through the game. Pets can often be found in the market, so be sure to check them out from time to time, and buy any pets you find useful, but be careful of the price. Also, you will need to feed your pets regularly, so try to remember that too.

9) Improve your skills regularly

This is also a very important thing as you level up in Black Desert Mobile. Each skill in your class can be upgraded using various skill books found throughout the game. This will increase the effectiveness of your skills, which, in turn, will make it easier for you to progress. Also, at certain levels you will be able to upgrade your skills for some additional effects, but keep in mind that the cost of some of these upgrades can be quite high at the start of the game, so try not to waste too much of your resources unless you are absolutely sure it is a worthwhile investment.

10) Follow Path to Power once you unlock it

Path to Power is an interesting feature of Black Desert Mobile. Once unlocked, it will allow you to track your progress through certain aspects of the game, similar to the achievement system. Completing each progression node on a path will give you useful rewards that you can use to level up your character.

So much for our beginner tips and tricks for Black Desert Mobile. I hope you find a few useful on your way to power and glory. Good luck progressing and see you soon with more tips and tricks!

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