VALORANT: Yoru's major overhaul will arrive in early 2022

    VALORANT: Yoru's major overhaul will arrive in early 2022A few weeks ago, Riot indicated that a redesign of Yoru was in the works, in order to make the Agent more interesting to play, he who has been neglected in recent months. In a publication on the official site, John Goscicki and Ryan Cousart, explained what would concretely change for the duelist.

    After much feedback, the developers realized to take full advantage of Yoru's abilities, it took too long, which made it less interesting. Better tools will therefore be in his possession to have more impact on the rounds.

    His skills were therefore reviewed, such as Feint, which will benefit from a new visual effect, which when shot explodes, applying a penalty to enemies. As for Surprise Visit, the range at which enemies can hear the beacon has been reduced. Movement speed has been increased by 20%, while the beacon can now be activated remotely to simulate a fake teleport and surprise the opposing team.

    As for the rest, which includes Dimensional Transfer, Riot is not ready to show us the changes yet, but it will happen very soon. This major overhaul should allow Yoru to regain interest and see him more often during games and above all to be more impactful to pull his team up. A presentation of its new look will be made before its release, which is scheduled "early next year" on VALUE.
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