When will Mario Kart 9 be released on Switch?

    When will Mario Kart 9 be released on Switch?

    The announcement of any mainline Nintendo game is something to celebrate, especially at the start of a year. Mario Kart 9 seems to be on the horizon now, which is sure to excite gamers everywhere. Although the details are a bit sparse, there are a few things we can sum up about the title.

    At this time, Nintendo has yet to elaborate on the title, but we have some insight from industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto. Sarkan Toto stated his claims for a new Mario Kart 9 in this gameindustry.biz article. Where he claimed the game is in development and will have a new twist.

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    We've already had a look at Q2022 2022 games, which include Pokemon Legends Arceus and Kirby and The Forgotten Land. Nintendo needs time to announce and announce the title, so it likely won't be released until summer or QXNUMX XNUMX at the earliest.

    It makes sense, though, since we only have a Mario Kart 8 port for Switch. It's the perfect time for Nintendo to release the next entry in the series, as we've already seen other Mario titles like Party and Golf get their Switch titles.

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