3 Clash Royale arena deck, the best decks to win

Our articles on Clash Royale Deck arena 3 Clash Royale, the best decks to win Here are the strongest and most effective decks for arena 3 of Clash Royale. We offer you a list with advice!

From arena 3 you start to get some interesting cards such as the Goblin Barrel and battle ram. You start to have many cards but be careful not to put just any card in your decks.

We are going to offer you 2 different decks with the first using new cards and the other more classic with cards used in the arena decks 1 et arena decks 2.

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What are the best arena 3 Clash Royale 2022 decks?

Aggressive Deck: Ram & Goblin Barrel

Your win conditions are battle ram and the Goblin Barrel. To start, you will place your battle ram in the background of the map to collect elixir, and once you have crossed the bridge, send your Goblin Barrel on the tower. This combo is very effective and hurts the opponent a lot. You can send your Baby dragon for accompany your push in the event that he uses a army of skeletons.

The rest of your cards will serve as your defenses with the army of skeletons  mega gargoyles and the Musketeer. Spells will also be very useful to you to finish the turns and protect your pushes.

Deck 2: Classic

If your opponent plays a ram with a Baby dragon to Gargoyles first, you can directly launch your Mini PEKKA with your Musketeer. The opposing push will be managed and he will have spent a lot of elixir. You can play your Giant to create a huge push. 

The use of Skeletons is important because it helps to tempo and spin the deck. Get into the habit of using small cards like this as they will be very useful for increase rapidly on Clash Royale. For your defense, you always have the use of a building (cage gobeline) to divert the Giants ou battle rams.

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