Clash Royale battle pass, prices and royal pass rewards

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Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale battle pass, prices and rewards of the royal pass The Clash Royale battle pass is very recent on the game. It will give you many rewards that we will detail in this article.

The battle pass Clash Royale is called: Pass Royale. It allows you to access many very interesting advantages and improve quickly if you start the game. 

If you want to buy it, know that it is at the price of 4,99 € and that he is not valid only during the active season. So make sure the season has just started to buy it and enjoy the rewards throughout it. Of course, you will keep all the rewards after the season is over!

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Pass Royale Rewards

The Pass Royale allows you to have free rewards as :

  • Gold
  • card jokers 
  • Chest keys
  • Exchange tokens
  • emoticons
  • magic coins
  • tower skins

You can unlock at each level of the battle pass. To access an additional level, you must earn 10 crowns (thus destroy 10 towers in your games). Knowing that the royal pass is composed of 35 bearings, so you'll need 350 crowns in total to complete the pass. If you complete it before the end of the season, do not panic. You will earn 250 gold every time you win 10 crowns. These gains will be stored in game bank which you can unlock at the end of the season.

Another advantage of Pass Royale is that ofadd your chests to the waiting list. Today, if you don't have the Pass, when you open a chest, you have to wait at least 3 hours to be able to unlock another one. Thanks to the Pass, you can put other chests on hold by adding them to the queue and so they will launch automatically without you needing to launch your game.

Now, thanks to the Pass, your player name is displayed in gold. In addition, the participation in special challenges are unlimited. How to win even more rewards!

And finally, when you buy the Pass, each member of your clan will receive a set of gold coins available on the clan chat.

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